The Darker Side of Poignant

It is when you see it happen, yet further away,

not quite close enough to impact a daily life,

yet for some,

every aspect of departure is a solemn reminder.


How close came the shadow of doubt,

when callous minders

shout out loud, distract the envy, suggest

we might not recall your soul.


The action begins to take shape,

the fantasy, the planning, the convinced

shadow that lurking gives credence

to a destiny we have all feared ourselves.


A silent residue of a shallow reminder

holds close the bargaining chip,

a smile allows a facade we rely upon

so that others simply won’t know.


For in the end, those that do, those that can

remain poignant only inside a solo fantasy.


On The Precipice

There waves before me a magical kingdom,

a watery surface beckons the internal mystique

oh how easily,

the cold water might envelop my own real


soon to be adrift with the sea,

when consciousness is lost,

no longer will be the fear of a scrutiny,

simple silence,

a quiet sleep,

we all wonder about the outcome,

and yet,

when we rest without effort,

there are no dreams, a lacking spiritual reckoning,

only the deep of a blue satin sheen,

the original attraction.

Harboring Renditions


Imagining exits and entrances,

wondering about time and place,

the souls that have passed

how often have we consumed the knowledge

of a world passing beyond our lives.


When I look upon the waters,

I do find curious notions, the travelers

how many did choose to return,

and what about the others,

those that this harbor town helped define

in memoriam.


The waves are a cool reminder

arctic society exists, we seek shelter

yet our eyes are watching, waiting,

sometimes forever,

wandering minds that do have hopeful

yearnings for that certain surprise,

the sort that allows our dignity to be restored.


Quiet waters carry soul

somewhere beyond ourselves,

there is a mystique in nature’s landing,

we have an always seeking desire,

to understand,

to define,

to be the decision maker,

yet, glance upon an opening

only to realize all so clearly beyond …


The opening is seductive,

in its manner to suggest

we have opportunity to design,

we can call it our own rendition,

depends clearly upon the horizon.





Approaching Sundown

We left aside our devices,

to realize the end of another year,

a new beginning, a sadness prevails,

we think about love we contemplate loss.


It is much like an early morning sunrise,

when we can experience the beauty of light,

the horizon takes shape, the colors vivid,

as in sun’s energy, we form new chapters


I once wondered alone in a dark space,

always comforted by the silent quiet

of the world outside of my paneled room,

I would have traded the world for time.


And yet today we remark on their lives,

these people of cameras, and perpetual stage,

those that did entertain us have departed

and we’ll begin to create a newer list again.


I will reign in the sunrise, peace, as the beauty of today,

will make allowance a nostalgic trip toward symbolism


… and then Debbie Reynolds

We were grieving over losing a princess,

a movie-icon, movie star, Hollywood icon,

an iconic daughter, a recovering actor,

a woman who because the beauty and grace that life would suggest,

we grieved, watched the series,

a lot of Hans Solo quotes, Luke Skywalker jokes,

and then we acknowledged the life of Carrie Fisher.

… and then Debbie Reynolds.


So does next year begin tomorrow, or is there less ahead.

Hidden Measures

For a long time the wander was clear,

no attachment,

little conversation,

just simple existence

moving through a crowd,

of seldom onlookers,

more abstinent wonderers.


Until one day she said hello,

his world would change,

no longer the need to guide

fingertips along locker edges,

he would rather look alive,

and smile and react

and give people a reason to know.


We all do live this way,

we believe on occasion

we might be alone

we seem to imagine no other

we are the purveyor of our solace

we plod on,

we decide our lives seem less than,


Theirs could  speak with hidden measures,

when we stop to breathe, we realize we belong.

News We Would Ignore

When we know our trigger, we feel safe,

knowing a deep cavern is a difficult journey,

less chance of discovery, those that choose,

might want to suggest personal reasoning.


How far a climb would it matter to reach

inside a world meant only for safe listener,

certainly without open trails in public transit,

the stamping of feet alone quite perilous.


The sunlight provided a tease toward time

anyone would want to explore beyond a line

for we all know the crossing contains a value,

perhaps a mineral resource to ease the pain.


Yet the news wanted will always reveal that path

contains the reaction followed slow the aftermath.