When Time Suggests Pause


I was

all indicators explained a motive

a rocky shelf, crags of decay,

unstable to the touch, delightful

in its visual splendor.

This is a place

we all know,

a safe higher ground

where time begins with a pause,

a reflection in that pool of despair.

When all the moments come together,

a flash of indecision,

a step toward …

and suddenly played aloud,

their laughter bouncing off the cliffs,

they peeked around the corner

to see the man on the ledge,

whispered to each other

in wonder,

while watching him walk back into the wood,

leaving only silent imagery.


Standing on the Corner

While traffic glides by,

the world exists without him,

streets convey a certain

awareness of time,

everyone in their own

on their own,

wishing to somehow own

a world creates their

emotional windfall.

A simple streetlight


pause to be forcibly reflective,

bricks look the same,

all the eyes as indifferent

as a young boy picking up cigarette butts

on a greasy curb,

ignoring the eyes

for now.

When does it all take shape,

what is the actual time frame when

we all become part of the cycle of truth.

A sunny day,

arise to the notion

of guided practice,

we’ve felt this energy before,

know its pleasure,

what’s in store.


Lips Do Quiver

When we become fallible,

hearts do break,

dreams come apart at the seams,

lips do quiver,

when the pain becomes too much to bear,

the eyes water,

breath is short as our bodies feel this

pure flush heat.

We don’t know what to do

when the one we love decides to hurt.


Scared, a shattered innocence

becomes his focus,

may not understand,

but he does know love,

wishes to keep it,

rather than lose.


If once the fear begin to subside

we could pretend away shame,

then will become the possibility,

the earnest desire

to truly let go.

In Depression’s Grip

I wouldn’t say imagination,

instead, a spiral of twisting metal,

cracked concrete well below,

the shavings of slivers and dust where the legs go.

A night sky that looms in sunlight,

clouded thinking,

to the degree of a natural flight,

over here, this time, that afternoon, one year

in my life.

I sometimes want to cry,

cleanse the rings of deceit around my eyes,

then it’ll be okay.

Though that song plays out its course,

like a top 40

I tire of hoping for predictability

shed some light on

what the hell is the matter with me.

A rant,

is an opportunity,

if we can remove ourselves from


I remember the time I was told to stop boring people

with sad old cliches.

It worked,

I no longer use cliches.

I wonder about tomorrow

as fatigue melts away my desire to go away.

The Visit

Though the time was ever so brief,

I knew her magic, felt her presence

in image she strolled the avenue,

only to suggest there is a reality.


When wonder shines upon human

mortality, we often let confuse

the notion of our existence

left aside when fate quiet speak.


I did in solemn journey wish to know

her heart would still follow my dream,

to know her elegance in charm

will bless ambition, protect vanity.


In that simple grace, capture passion

to know the afterlife might its fruition

Hello Memory

I did see you last night,

first time I

… and I always wondered if we would,

when the time arose,

to know,

to wonder,

to have an opportunity to say hello.

It has been so many years,

to suddenly see you there,

leaning a shoulder into dad,


wise and beautiful,

I stopped everything in my way,

found a clear path to kneel nearby,

I became excited to bring you to my party,

wanted to hold your arm, steady you …

I turned around to survey the room,

and when I returned,

I realized the dream though brief so kind.

Good Morning Words

Fresh air is invigorating minds

Eyes slow shadowy idyllic dream scape

Sweet good morning shed an overnight cape

Rise in beauty of life the sun reminds


Energy respond in positive current

In mirror negativity loom near

Always a knock, anticipate a fear

Human condition delivers assent.


We chose alone a state of mind today

Yes, there is listening, a sure fanfare

In evidence our nature seek a dare

A manner of speaking supports our day.


Good morning to beauty, good morning you

Sunshine light our lives, ignite the sky blue.