Speak Serenity

Speak to water’s sunrise mightily whole

Cast off our worldly ills to find this peace

Where sky has a band of light we do know

A majestic elegance awaits quiet release


A slight glaze of winter’s mark lays in sight

We are humanity blessed in Nature’s wealth

Rise from the soil land earliest might

Drift with morning breeze swoon sweet stealth


In a magical kingdom we let our eyes gather

The beauty of a lake’s serenity is shown

Our common ills become bathed in a lover

The nurture of life gathers energy in tone


When washed in the innocence of elegance

We know this glorious love of life is chance!


Stroll On Ice

We traveled north as the wind blew wide the open avenue,

the ice, a hoar frost clung to branches like a close friend

needing to be held, hoping that somehow staying  in view

of the traveler the chilled atmosphere might not pretend.


We knew our reality and prayed for beauty’s grace to sing,

we wanted only a spectacular share of the world’s moderate

fantasy to step inside a dream and provide a subtle ring,

a truth, a genuine accentuate reality speaks little too late.


We will find you again when the time is right to deal well

the attribute, the hand raising thank you, the ego may swell.

Heavily Medicated

That place where life becomes a mask,

a healthy dose of triggered response,

a need to heal,

a time to in wise fashion,

recover a balance,

find solace in some out of body experience.

When the mind needs some fluid response

to help alleviate the pain,

when in that moment

we want to understand how the next step

will be regained within our own prowess

that fascination is the human condition,

nothing else, nothing beyond,

although we cannot deny the beauty and elegance

of some spiritual reckoning,

our faith, our beauty, our humility,

we are together asked to come to terms

with a rambling reality.


When truth allows that occasion when

certainly …

Indeed, it is the meds.

10,000 steps a day

I just met a blogger who set a goal for 10,000 steps a day.

I suppose that would relieve me of a lot of the stress I carry with me.

if only I could watch it fall away.

Perhaps then my lack of follow-through would be less a travesty.


I suppose it depends upon the steps we take

certainly the physical motion will always come to mind

what about the sort that fix the errors we later call mistakes

permit me to just a moment rewind.


I’ll take the steps instead.

In Nostalgic Trappings

I so easily return,

begin again, recycle, revisit, reimagine

that moment that will forever be sealed

in memory.

If I might

could we only reword a couple of moments,

retrace the direction we were heading,

before suddenly all the havoc of our generation overturned

the reality we once believed to be

our own,

before we forgot where it is we came from

began listening to others,

those that with values that remained only their own,

decidedly forgot about the others

those that wanted to remain alone,

away from the chaos,

to simply live,


without the burden of worry,

wondering whether this is the moment we react,

or continue forward with blind eye.

is it the blind eye I want to change,

is it that easily discovered,


I’m a naked man in  world of change,

clothe me please with beauty and grace

rather than the torn garments of idolized


When Daylight Breaks

Will I be relieved

having made it again,

walking home with you

only the memory,

we didn’t know then

years later

I’d stil be wondering when

we did first have that moment

if and when you might return.

I know that God suggests a lot

of our own desires become the reality

of our dreams,

yet when it happens,

sometimes, I feel like it could be so sweet

to try it again,

to have just that one last chance,

to remember how we

you and me,

how the day went on forever,

and now today we simply