Don’t You Forget

i did fall in love with you,

I want you to always remember that

wherever life may take either one of us,

just know,

that beyond the distraction of humanity,

that piece of material reckoning,

the mechanical aspect of trying to survive,

just know there was that gleam in my eye,

when you looked back at me,

you smiled,

you became flush,

I stammered just a bit,

wasn’t for effect, this time,

completely real, that time I tripped in the book stacks

while nearing your cubicle in conversation.

Those times were so very real,

and you were



When Nature Steps In

We are eager like the children we once began our lives

when outside we feel the changing seasons begin a cry

suggest for a time everything motivates our mind revives

itself in the cool winter air, as Mother Nature stops by


For a moment we will stop and watch the descent of beauty

in colorful rays as the atomic nature of energy begins to sigh

when once before a moral hardship might offer less security

tonight, I’m excited to know there will be no other reason why.


I can feel my lonely body anticipate the changing of the guard

a certain smile has me overcome with anticipation of morning

while we prepare our lives to meet the newly christened yard,

we’ll chuckle as all our lives this rite of passage keeps returning.


I want to watch while the sky in methodical thrust covets my why

I wish to by evening know we will swift be layered by Nature’s sigh

I Have These Dreams


That I am suddenly in a different place,

this world of ours so fluid with change

I find I am constantly losing my own face

when everywhere motives we rearrange.


I’m sitting in my own privacy tonight

suddenly I have some flash of memory

I’ve been there before, I remember I might

have known better a circumstance, a story.


I wonder if everyone has that flash of significance

where they feel like if just for that single moment

I could walk back through space and take a chance

would I then feel better about the ills I lament.


When on occasion I do allow my mind to rest

the feeling is remarkable that life is not a test.


One Time Only

if when you come to realize there was that certain day,

when everything seemed to be as real as we wanted it to be,

could we perhaps recall the reason why,

I still cannot figure out why.

I want to,

I would like to return there for a period of time,

not a simple reflection,

but to break it down, look at it all, study all the dynamics,

what part of the human condition did we leave back there,

that we simply neglected to bring along with us today.

We cannot simply always return

without recognizing the second time around isn’t going

to contain the same highlights we once realized were never

even there in the first place,

they didn’t exist,

that nostalgia shit we talk about,

well it is pretty in the well

pre-conceived mind,

the sort with pedestals and lofty clouds

that sing rhapsody from the highest mountain peaks,

but there are cliffs nearby just waiting,

looming with a shadow of delightful security,

ready to fall when beckoned by the sky above.


There really is something to that circle I think

All that parallel universe stuff we like need to love

Winter Winds

Cool air

soaking in the forest quiet nearby

we know it waits

we realize our lives will need warmth,

we are readily restored by a the sharp brace

of winter winds

makes us feel alive again.

A society relies upon the changing seasons to market their lives,

where else would we find ourselves planning for the latest fashion

without the guarantee …

temperature is dropping.

I get a little nervous sometimes when reminded

of that part of nature I don’t understand,

beyond the shelter of my walls,

well past the peace of a kindling fire,

I want to know more about the friend who is suffering,

yet, I’d rather not,

if I just look the other way,

well then,

it didn’t really happen did it.

Unless I turn on the news,

there are constant reminders

of a cool air well beyond the concept of our dreams.

A society exists with every interaction,

we can decide to associate

or simply get involved in the smallest manner possible.

We choose a limitless supply of polite escape.


When the winds do arrive I will notice as much as I hope you do too,

we are the same as we were when in the heat of a tropical sunlight

we could smile.

Do We Lose?

When we let go, we leave behind a part of ourselves

yet I do have to wonder if we ever really lose

we certainly sometimes cannot return to the shelves

of who we were, yet perhaps we do sing the blues


In that frame of mind, a good song can bring me a tear

where then I feel my heart, that growing ache of loss

is pounding in my chest in such a manner I can often fear

that end result of wondering when love I would then toss


aside like a feeling I never really took the time to understand.

If I recall the lives I have encountered in five decades of trying

I sometimes forget there is meaning beyond my own demand,

somewhere in the annals of passing nostalgia I am still crying.


There is a constant messsage board in my mind, lays out letters

a sort of visual keyboard, that if I think really hard and long

might shout at me with the reality of who I am, but only utters

soft reminders – there’s never a quiet word of where I belong.


last night a distant friend said goodbye to me without having to speak

I simply knew the time was right to realize a shift in parallel thought.

When while I wanted to know more, I couldn’t ask them to seek

me out again, until perhaps some other time when, I might be sought.


I do know today when I dance alone in my own little forest of solitude

the rhythm speaks gently to the notion that somewhere, sometime I did

exist, and it was then I could realize with the right sort of gracious attitude

I might somehow conceptualize truth in some new epiphany less sordid.


I wonder if when we take that next adventure, we will have a chance

to know that everyone behind us wishes only our soul might advance.

We Spoke of Clouds

Ours were lofty plans

no one ever understood

that really was the plan


soft sunsets in woods

we lay in one another’s arms

playing with our moods


looking in her eyes

seeing clouds in satin skies

long before any lies


nature left us bare

with little consequence – love

dance within my dare


as a child winter

would freeze – bone chilling icy

clouds would love deter


In a still moment

I can still hear her laughter

winter’s freeze lament


starry starry eyes

yours would I remember when

I glance toward skies