Three Ravens

In the morning while I wandered, three ravens

took flight while leaving me quite startled

I wondered of their presence, so soon their haven

suddenly disrupted, though I chortled.

How odd to see such masked creature

on a day that does tease nature.


While I thought quite little of their departure

I did chuckle in my own quiet

how is it this day the begin their venture

as in their way I appear to riot.

Much life is often coincidental

seldom thought of as easily incidental.


I won’t pretend to have Edgar’s prowess with a bird

Just a Happy Halloween with words rather absurd.


Winding Will Weave

Daniel Maurer's Transformation is Real

Daniel Maurer’s Transformation is Real

We can dance, we might stumble,

yet there lives a cadence

in wait, ready, willing,

like a slow beating drum,

a pleasant sort of rhythm,

gradual in balance,

suggestive of another way.


While alone we measure

the winds, their sleek posture

call upon our twilight

in soft melody,

perhaps some might

say too soon, I don’t want to …

suggestive of another way.


We battle further, diving deep

inside a cavernous haunt,

the sort of place

we dream about

waking only hours later,

with a certain chill,

suggestive of another way.


When we’re ready,

there is a louder drum,

screams a pleasant fury,

we might let go of

a patterned destruction.

We can embrace discovery

suggestive of another way.


Much like the insidious nature,

of addiction and its perils,

we too, begin to believe

we can overcome this one as well,

until after bleeding fingernails,

our knuckles raw, we tease peace,

suggestive of another way.


Would that we might know future past

winding roads would we daily weave.

Transformation is Real

I Did

In that moment,

when truth began to tease

the reality of fantasy,

did the world continue with

lovely effort – the sort of delight

that gives breeze to sated doldrum.


Simple to see,

we might suggest one wintry evening,

we knew why the cold snap,

icy chills upon naked cheeks,

did indicate a living human being,

rather our own distracted self.


While the light of night will fade,

the oddity of the earlier day,

such energy, turns to decay,

when a resonant fire burns,

the sort needs identity,

rather instead than approval.


Whisper sweet the winds of autumn,

we will endure another shot of old.

Piano Solos


while the world rings true,

a glimmer, a hope, a dance

while this melody, a shape maker

presents an accidental shift

in memory.

Imagine the rise of delightful keys,

sweet muse

soft patterns of reality.


I listen to piano solos

for the breadth of tradition,

that notion spoken

in the hearts of many before me,

whose talented fingertips,

did create moments.

Awe, delight, tears, and genuine

sadness, perhaps simple delight,

triggered by a tempered key,

twists the mind around an obligation,


when just recently I wondered

only how, when I might release

my imagination,

I listened

the notes bold,

suggest my life is attainable,

as reaching the octave necessary

towards an understood element of survival;

an epiphany moves through my veins,

causing heart to blend –

the moisture outside,

while we wait,

will cleanse our sated soul.

Reeling in Midnight’s Anxiety

Glance toward the sky

the mood,

the more I think about

the lunacy; the absurd

notions sweep

across mind’s eye


Guide me through the havoc,

let me at least

find a way to calm

an edgy hallowing urgency,

cross paths with my ego,

find the setting sun to be surreal.


Grant me one wish

while baying at the shadowed

illumination. Every participant,

each contribution

clouds, a steady breeze, night chill,

the lights of the city mean little to me tonight.


I felt the presence of a strange reality,

then the sky arose to speak of sanity.

By Gone Days

If I were able to remember, I might rather not

continue to glorify living by a rope’s single knot.


For every afternoon I soak in a wistful memory,

I’ll easily pass on the fear of societal misery


While around me the world continues to age

I wonder what’s it is like to finally be that sage.


Because last time I thought about prior years

there came to mind an epiphany of fears


today, I look behind my walls to understand time

while the world moves forward, I live a life sublime.


I wish a memory might energize your state of mind

in the manner we used to think about, how we remind


ourselves that each living hour, each moment, second

chance we choose to pursue, becomes an amend


again, a reminder of our lives in the days before

suggest we give solace to knowing there is more.

Fan Duel & Draft Kings – Gambling Facade

I love the game of football. I used to play fantasy football many years ago. Back then, it was fun to put together a team with your friends and see who might outdo the next guy or girl in the league. Back then, we only threw a couple of dollars into a pot, and there was an innocent winner at the end of the season. Back then, fantasy football hadn’t exploded into an enormous industry. Back then, I used to be a gambler.

Fantasy football wasn’t an issue for me, my games were the casino and texas hold-em. Nearly destroyed my family, our finances and me. I was actively suicidal and there was no one I could talk to about the addiction. My wife knew about it, but she enabled me much like she would my alcoholism. How could she possibly confront a controlling jerk that was unwilling to admit his own denial of a compulsive addiction? I managed to kick my addiction to gambling, a couple years after I managed to get a handle on my alcoholism. I’ve been in recovery for over ten years now, and my life is so much easier than it was when I was in the business of lying through my teeth to make it to my next game or shot of scotch. I got lucky, and walked away with a lot of support from my family, friends, and recovery.

This NFL season, fantasy football began a new venture in their industry. They introduced Fan Duel & Draft Kings with an advertising campaign that would rival the likes of any casino showcasing that elderly couple who ‘unexpectedly’ won a Cadillac with a $2.00 bet. The promotion talks about that easy bet that could turn into millions of dollars for the winner. Already both companies have fallen under scrutiny for insider trading with their transactions. Already both companies are under investigations by government agencies across the country, trying to justify or decry their status as a skill based game versus an industry of luck.

If you have ever played a league in fantasy football, you certainly know one of the tenets of a successful day is putting the correct team on the field on any given Sunday. However, one can also clearly see that picking the right players is certainly ‘a gamble.’

I actually become physically sick when the ads come across my tv, not because I am necessarily afraid of buying into a game, but more importantly because of the immediacy of my reminder toward how quickly I was drawn into the insidious nature of gambling, coupled with the ease of wanting to take that first drink again.

I’m asking my sports fans out there to look carefully at what is literally being dangled before you – a game of chance, that moves beyond just having fun and camaraderie to a game that clearly puts a vulnerable person’s financial stability at risk if they are willing to take chances with their impulsivity.

Be careful out there football fans – there are no Kings in the game of Draft Kings, only losers that could ruin their’s and their family’s lives. There is no legitimate duel going on at Fan Duel, only a sham to steal our money. In the end, not only will you hate the trade itself, you’ll lose your perspective and love for the game of football. You’ll be hooked. Don’t bet on any happy endings here folks. Be smart, and just watch the game, not the industry sharks waiting to reel you into their web of deceit.

Gambling is a very real and treacherous disease. The thrill of the win is far less impactful than the misery of loss.