Time Release

Inside a profound fog,

the sort that speaks,

silent as a breeze,

noticeable along the way,

are the many realities we sometimes,

try to pretend away.


Walking alone I might understand,

there is little nearby to disturb my pace,

yet my same state of mind,

wants to survive inside the maelstrom

of a city sidewalk during lunch hour.


When time allows our lives,

to pause,

to brief respond to the ills,

to make a moment feel alive,

when clarity seems easily



When did all the clouds go away,

the visible atmosphere in sudden motion,

carefully drawn across a midwestern landscape.

Then how will a crystal blue sky

ever make it possible to imagine,

there once were shadows,

created nearby,

when lives seemed to exist alone.


Time release my soul to pray, in laughter,

while the ills I spent hours fearing, slowly …

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