Immediacy and Now



When I was a kid,

immediacy meant maybe,

I could hope and pray,

yet, always there was that

quiet confusion,

not knowing, well, certainly, not expecting.

Unless, I was given motive,

back then,

if the carrot were dangled I would,

indeed, with the fervor of

ambitious childhood,

be pursuant and indeed,


that chance might merit my desire.


Passion today,

is measured in moments,

nearly seconds of time,

can pass within a notion,

with response, a party of knowledge,

might suggest we all want what we have,

now, immediately, today without wait,


we all know what the waiting can do,

can do,

can do to our fleeting,


We do want and we generally get

want now.


Find the common ground,

that shelter of patience,

that piece of serenity,


just maybe, perhaps, another moment,

of time,

might allow a bit of solace,

beyond the constant need,

to validate our ownership

of, to understand our need to maintain,

the, to recognize a new respect for,

yours, my, yours, theirs, everyone, needs,



When Rounding Corners

Recall the velocity of our lives

while shapes and arrows aim high,

the low horizons remain like knives

keeping us grounded without deny


We can believe we are always free,

yet in a moment the trappings of love

ask us when we might remember we

were once listening to the cooing dove.


Speaks loud in wild and romantic tone

yet ascertains we might always know

that goodness and kind hearts have shown

our eyes will always with suggestion glow


We shine afar in the knowledge of time

let memory become a soft reality

howsoever worlds might measure thyme

in season meant to sweeten liberty


We have traversed so often our world

with wonder at the beauty surround

taking steps ahead that sometimes twirled

in the sheltered twines drawn around.


Know that in peace I reflect upon you,

given opportunity to suggest a free

notion pops me into the vacant blue

to give sweet solace in time’s decree.


I do recall simple soft, the beauty when there,

timid lights of mystery, your mystique I swear.


Can I talk to you,

can you remind me about

how simple life can be,

I want to see you standing there,

looking serene with your smile,

just knowing it will be alright.

that might help me you know,

to accept that I can be okay.

Right now Dad,

I can barely see, but you taught me

the keyboard, and I learned how to play,

watching you Dad.


I miss you

I miss you so much,

I could cry,

and I probably will,

because really Dad,

you are beautiful,

I wish I could tell you that tonight,

I’m hoping I just did …


Laughter, Please

When I glance I want to see smiles,

no matter the time of day,

to see happiness can go on for miles

there’s really no other way,

to describe how vital our lives can be,

and how quickly drained

we might become if unable to see,

the beauty maintained

in a pretty reflection of who we might

imagine ourselves to feel.

We have to recognize that every night,

we are never alone to deal

with quiet sadness, departures from good.

We can live together,

get along with the world so close we could,

really love one another.

We need to know our lives are free to please

we need to know that hereafter

there’s a way to get through our day with ease,

laughter, please, laughter.

On Sheltered Words


If when I choose to lay my soul

I’m careful to always remain whole

then will the clouds ahead remain

waiting with a vengeance innane


while waking again with a certain fear

I lay in my space afraid of what is near

I want only to be happy without sad

reminders that eventually turn me mad


when left inside this hollow grave

of hidden passions and love so knave

one cannot help to feel a bit absurd

to know that now when is this, word.


If ever I might step inside my mind

a new foray without my constant remind

of terror in dreams, of haunting desire

then maybe I might then now inspire


A child walked past my window today

he was living out loud the rites of May

I watched his little body traverse the soil

curious when would then he meet his foil


I am an adult today by world standard

I live and breathe as love that mattered

exists in a dependent cycle of freedoms

without matter of the girth of kingdoms.


I am a quiet soul inside my sheltered peace

the storm of agony always wills release.

All Else Fails

That’s when the cup,

we often debate about it,

poured in, spilled out.

When all else …

we come to realize –

oh wait,

I do.

I am the one,

the individual, that person, this living being,

the one to make the change.

When all else –

becomes a reality,

then it is then,

when I have to go forward,

saying only these things,

speaking just the words that fit,


acknowledging there is this inherent

need to succeed.

Such a powerful phenomena,

far better than the ruse,

of living in failure.

I believe, do you?

What about today?

Let’s think about the next time,

we wonder about the finish line,

it never really ends though,

we just continue,

fighting the good and common

role, roll with it, mastery,

is knowing failure is never defined,

nor be it accolades for accomplishment,

because when the sun rises in the morning,

there is far more ahead.

Imagine Elsewhere

While the sun rises in the East

her thoughts are not upon you

even though we believe at times,

our lives connect out of the blue.


We always must allow our world

capable of knowing only a local

reality that otherwise so often twirled

in circumstance, becomes our focal


point of reference. There is that knowledge

of human interaction we all rely upon,

that piece that keeps us well off the ledge

of cashing in our hopes and moving on.


Imagine elsewhere there might be a point

in the morning, afternoon, setting sun,

a life that now we will certainly anoint

their soul in the eyes of God. We’ve begun


to live our life as the sole proprietor

of our allegiance to our security

while across the land another commoner

might wish the same from us in sanity.


We live together, and often dream the same

romantic bliss, horrific tragedy, anomaly

of that world we often miss, we cannot name

just share the moment today with homily.


In the eyes of the heavens I do seek quiet release

much like my brethren we are all in search of peace.