On the Heels of Despair

I won’t let you have me,

scathing, salacious, seething

reality of discontent.

I watch you build momentum,

spiraling, sensation of insidious

energy that buries my soul.

Buries my being,

desire to respond,

leaves my mind yearning,

to find some reason,

some virtue that suggests,

just why we reconcile ourselves,

when only desire we glean.

Why when quiet

in the evening sun,

reflective reckoning,

that silent pause,

tells our hearts to evolve.

Learn to recognize pain

for the conduit nature,

certainty in the eyes of a tear.

We will walk faster through the tendrils

that scratch our skin with jealousy.


A Measure of Intelligence

It happened again,

the world turned upside down,

only for a minute,

while everyone crawled out.

upon the pavement,

each one stunned and smiling,

that deep cavern,

contains so much mystery,

that we can’t hide,

that which we can never disappear,

deep down inside,

remains the world we will challenge,

always waiting,

wondering how the grasp of our soul,

might tumble again,

creating a delightful outcome,

when after hours,

we realize the value of a good walk.

Ode to Measured Humanity


copyright – gilbert lamm


We are a fickle bunch that states a need,

A patterned life might only true succeed.

We dance in storms, rather grumble toward peace

Yet every chance we have we seek release,

The pain, oh, the misery of lost time

Fantasy today tomorrow’s spent dime.

However long tradition’s eyes remain

We ought certain know acknowledgement’s reign

Priceless, shattered within our selfish realm

Will become fodder feeds the restless helm.

Ah, the human condition called to believe

Error in judgment, in planning, might leave.

When then we succumb to fears that soon ran

Why then we will know, we have conquered Man

Day 20362.3

Tick, tick

we walk willing

while tick, the time of reckoning.

Imagine that we are suddenly accountable

for every day in our lives,

our childhood probably excluded,

left aside for child-like innocence,

but when do they begin to count,

how many do we realize time,

has always factored in.

If you look at the numbers,

my life has had a lot of opportunity

within those constraints of time.

The reality of taking life,

a day at a time,

adds up.

Eagle Sighting


Today’s eagle bold fly, in the cold blue,

naked elegance sees the world with sway,

I wondered maybe at that time, just who

surrends soul’s symbolic gesture today


Sweet soaring visionary swoop the sky

cast shadow upon a sunlit landscape,

this creature of flight did soon notice I

became their prey prayful without escape.


When our natural energy will ring

we venture toward a question of purpose

how is it today together we bring

peace; love our lives, speak slow, our impetus


Today’s eagle bold fly, in the cold blue,

Swift serenity we welcome the view.

Sudden Burst

The waiting, the corner, the wall

always standing at the wall,

wonderment, fascination, excitement

beyond that quiet obstacle

always in front, leading,

misleading while she waits,

patient, ambitious, passionate,

that sudden burst,

when the world opens up

our hearts become filled with an energy,

delightful, soothing, encouraging

our truths,

our paths,

our knowledge that we can


step beyond that wall

now knowing,

the next one is passable,

and others …

Well beyond lives defined

by heart’s energy, positive, goodness

When Time Stops


That sense of knowing there is a horror

only looms ahead,

a psychological twist beneath the surface

longing and waiting,

Every thought and notion and ideal dangles

in quiet yearn nearby,

Have you ever wondered about a way, a sign of

heartfelt resolution,

long before the incident occurs, the timeless

agony clings to the moment.

When once the sun would shine in brilliance, now

melancholy certain revels.

I wish we would once in a while very simply

without errant word understand!


I stood on the edge of a cliff,

could feel the rocks shifting

below in manner suspect.

I knew in a breath the slide

could occur and then it began …

I took a step back afraid,

I wasn’t ready to fly away,

I needed grounding, strength

to remain where life began.

I reached down and in my hand

held that rock, unstable

as it was in damp soil,

now it held strong,

impenetrable and stoic,

I felt the smooth surface

with concerned fingertips,

I would have lost sight

of its beauty had I flown.


I suppose there is a time

when everything can stop,

time stands still,

time remains

for me, my soul, my life

to reach beyond my fears,

accept those challenges ahead,

recognize there is humanity,

believe life can begin again,

without slipping upon

an endless trail.