If I Could Wonder Out Loud

Would I stop traffic, or might anyone listen,

or perhaps,

I might be that gentleman along the riverbank

everyone tolerates and are occasionally amused.

As long as you stay away from me,

you can be a spectacle.

As long as you stay away from issues that matter,

you can be a loud mouth,

because you don’t matter.

Yet so often we are lost in that sea of wisdom

unable to grasp only afloat

and watching the waves lap your sides

while the chances drift past.

What reason do we have to make choices

beyond those that are needed,

to breathe,

to eat,

to sleep,

ever adrift in a sea of change.


I saw this opportunity one day,

a black man and a white man crossing the street,

when one offered the other the narrow path,

one chose a wider avenue to continue solo.


If I could wonder out loud,

how to understand the angst of human nature,

that prevents our lives any chance

to recognize how simple the solution really is.

If I could speak in such a manner,

that together we might all live

in some utopian culture

whereby all lives are respected

without any element of fear.


Oh my, won’t you give me that patent.

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