When Walking

This morning, the crisp air, mixed with sun-streaks

lets the ice glisten upon frozen sheets.

Every sound is a crackle with boots, silent surround

in Winter. When speaking to humanity we might

suggest the temperature falls well below our comfort

level, knowing the cold will remain through the night,

as we each wish the swift agony of time away.


I will wake to flowers outside my window and smile

knowing our energy is drawn by melting the rage

of Winter’s wrath. Our hearts become spirited,

playful in Spring’s sweet arrival. We are neighbors

who annually will come outside to tend our lawns,

and share stories of the long departure of silence.

The human condition may flourish alive together.


While the asphalt bakes our skin on our barefoot strolls

we are reminded how the seasons amplify our mortal

soul. We live for BBQ’s and Summer pool parties,

sharing love of warmth and sweet recreation. When

do the elements of fear begin to settle in on quiet

summer nights? How do we recognize our need to

welcome everyone home tonight and share the heat.


And yet always, the cooling begins, we are blessed with shawls

and evening fires, while the mist of our autumn begins to show.

We laugh with camp stories that share our history together.

We are a nation of similarities that even in the other side of town

will still recognize a desire to laugh and cry and love one another.

While the days become shorter and the nights work longer

hours, we are still sharing the duty of Winter’s soon return.


We talk of different tracks, race, we emphasize now what society lacks,

Yet sunlight brightens our day; moonlight suggests the beauty of night.

2 responses to “When Walking”

  1. I love it…Thank you for following my blog


    1. thanks so much, and certainly …


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