When Walking

This morning, the crisp air, mixed with sun-streaks

lets the ice glisten upon frozen sheets.

Every sound is a crackle with boots, silent surround

in Winter. When speaking to humanity we might

suggest the temperature falls well below our comfort

level, knowing the cold will remain through the night,

as we each wish the swift agony of time away.


I will wake to flowers outside my window and smile

knowing our energy is drawn by melting the rage

of Winter’s wrath. Our hearts become spirited,

playful in Spring’s sweet arrival. We are neighbors

who annually will come outside to tend our lawns,

and share stories of the long departure of silence.

The human condition may flourish alive together.


While the asphalt bakes our skin on our barefoot strolls

we are reminded how the seasons amplify our mortal

soul. We live for BBQ’s and Summer pool parties,

sharing love of warmth and sweet recreation. When

do the elements of fear begin to settle in on quiet

summer nights? How do we recognize our need to

welcome everyone home tonight and share the heat.


And yet always, the cooling begins, we are blessed with shawls

and evening fires, while the mist of our autumn begins to show.

We laugh with camp stories that share our history together.

We are a nation of similarities that even in the other side of town

will still recognize a desire to laugh and cry and love one another.

While the days become shorter and the nights work longer

hours, we are still sharing the duty of Winter’s soon return.


We talk of different tracks, race, we emphasize now what society lacks,

Yet sunlight brightens our day; moonlight suggests the beauty of night.


I Protest

I walk into the fray, to suggest, I disagree with the status quo.

There it begins, our ability to change,

We do need only the challenge to create the fear of reprisal.

Yet everywhere we look in the books, the words, the platforms,

wherever we land always seems to encourage,

the ability to change, I mean, challenge, well, we might

go forward.

I am a white man in a world of pain that doesn’t come close to

his agony, her resentment, their desire to exchange the gains.

For when they measure their own departures aren’t childhoods reminded

of that innocence, that delight, that indulgence of the human condition

without any agenda, no scrutiny, no ill met ignorance that drains

my own energy when I try to imagine what my life is in need,

I conclude, without any distinct pleasure,

I am a lucky man.

Yet today, in the waking morning of a sunrise in winter,

I must find a way to arrive in the front lines of this,

our personal responsibility to awaken our soul,

to protest the reality of our lives, together,

moving steady,

gaining strength,

finding peace,

as we walk, slow, cautious, forward.

Change WIll Evolve

Though skies continue an effervescent blue

the world around may change

gather strength to survive a lesson

one time

each moment drawn together

while life’s reason beckons

a lonely heart wants to be there.

Take me to that place

where I no longer have to


to confusion,

my trepidation

beside your insidious


Instead I will leave,

cross the tracks

inside a dream only to allow

a moment might its mystique


move me forward with purpose.

I would leave behind the shallow

nature of discipline

restore again a benevolent drive  toward

creating a manner for which we might all

arrive; leave behind the roadblocks,

those avenues of indecision.

For a moment

while glancing backward

we can again sense where we have been,

and now who we might become.

Travel forward, bid adieu

sweet departure.

Wait, Why … When?

( I would ask for feedback, as I consider submission with this piece )


I walk past every day


while waiting

in wonder I imagine

where in time we wander

when a fleeting moment takes me away


Only if true this departure


seductive in romantic airs,

a symbolic gesture toward passion.

Will there be a solution

beyond that visual apparition

keeps me nearby

waiting, bags packed again.


Step forward in motion

cry for the breeze that implies

a change in season,

perhaps a new autumn.

For a time,

have not a single chime,

yet hear as I stand,


for that silent arrival.


Distant sounds,


my bedroom as a child

listening to a world out of reach,

and wondering if my smitten innocence

might answer the call.

Is the whistle only heard

by those wandering souls

who wait in subtle repose?

That arrival is a necessary move,

a symbiotic revolution,

beforehand, as brief a quiet departure,

Wait …

Finding Fear

I think I was twelve,

I know I was,

but perhaps I try to forget.

I know I wanted

some explanation, a discussion,

a civil acceptance.

We were children

we didn’t need to understand

only live our quiet, innocent lives

without knowing discretion.

Please let me explain

while you summon your …

benevolent attitude.

When once we might play outside

as children often do,

today I could not walk away,

without fearing you.

I suppose you might believe I was afraid of them,

but that was confusion,

that moment of indescretion,

when it was you

that explained so emphatically,

your views.

That was the moment I began

finding fear,

never completely accepting

how close to me,

your philosophy,

your affinity with the masses

of perpetual ignorance,

your insidious posture

revealing its ugliness


On Human Nature

Oh to be the seer of my proclamations

to understand

to realize

to show compassion before the ultimatum.

Oh to recognize my human fallacy

that which determines

so many outcomes

that later in reflection

become human nature’s


Oh to be hopeful and alive

and respond to each other’s passion

with desire and fruition

rather delightful optimism

in contrast

from the muddy skies we all seem to seek shelter.

Oh to be reasonable

offer a hand

maintain eye contact

for the smile you miss might motivate

even the slightest response

toward a positive outcome.

For are not our souls driven by the very instinct

of happiness that allows our personal freedoms.

This Morning

I woke up to find the door to my home is open,

outside the temperature was below zero,

I walked through my family room and stepped off the carpet

to stand on my freshly polished wood floor,

to shut the door.

I suggested to a family member,

‘Would you please, shut the ‘front’ door?’


I didn’t think about the man miles away

that slept under the bridge using cardboard

to shelter his tattered body

from the world’s ill effects.


I felt the cool breeze move through my exposed walls,

and with frustration stood up to ignite

my gas fireplace, wondering where the remote

had disappeared to, probably under the couch,

sat down again and watched the flame

lick the glass wall.


I didn’t look for the remote,

instead I ignored the notion

that there is someone nearby

without hat and gloves …


Our new puppy just hopped up on the couch and gouged me

with an innocent paw,

bouncing across my laptop

causing me to have to backspace a few

mistyped letters on the keyboard.

I gently pushed her aside and drew my fingertips

along her soft fur, and she licked my monitor.

‘Damn dog,’ I thought to myself as I brushed her

off the couch and watched her toddle away.


I remembered last night

I could hear a couple of coyotes

baying at the new moon,

in the arctic blast of an hour.


I imagined how selfish I had become on today this special day,

when we celebrate our lives and family

with good food and football on

our LCD and Plasma TVs.

I watched our puppy move through the room

never thinking about being fed,

just checking her bowl

with a patient wag of her tale.


I wondered about just how far my jaded healthy mind had gone to even begin to believe

my world was as difficult only because I wasn’t getting what I entitled myself to believe.