Shelf Time

Such a delight it would be

to live a life by the sea

hear the ocean waves slap

soft the combed beach nearby.


In just the romance of time

we can transport ourselves

to a sunlit horizon bathed

in delicious blends of sound.


I walk with you

you walk with me

and together we seem

to be … somewhat, free.


Yet, while you were away

I came to terms with me

only to now understand

perhaps my shelf-time.


Glance outside the room

see them all stroll by

seems they haven’t a dime

of interest as layers grow


Oh what I might give

for a wrecking ball

right now, to hit

the side of my life


sends me helpless reeling

tossing about all hope

simply looking at the fall

the inevitable last shatter


Why there could be a day

when together again we

stroll along a sandy beach

thinking as one you and me.


Until that time I’ll dream

about the last shudder

of earth that is felt

when the whipping ball


strikes home.

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