Watch Me Grow

Remember that day

everyone believed you

I’m done with the drama

or was it just drama?

There were moments you were

confused, accused, nearly well,

quite probably,

verbally abused.

And then I watched you rise

your spirit came alive

you became a passionate young woman

who believed she could arise

to any occasion placed before her.

I watched you steal the stage

after weeks of fearing that moment.

A picture worth a thousand words

your smile,

your embodiment of a sprite

dashing across the illusion of a forest

fighting for your life

in the midst of shadows and demons

leaving them all behind

Travel on with light steps

dance because you can

I know, you know and everyone around you

knows and loves that you can!


Blues in a Steady Rain

We watch the rains fall

when we have the time to cry

we like to know when the weather turns

we prepare ourselves to …


let the blues take me on a ride

when I think about all the new

ideas just yesterday gave my eyes

I can now begin to believe …


I like to listen to the mellow groove

let’s my mind just take a walk

inside the dreams and notions

I can never quite put aside …


I am preparing for a ride

getting the jump start on an engine

the triggers that let me fly

on this quiet journey. I mention

this only to you because you hear

the ramblings of a quiet man

who only wants to realize

just how similar we all can be.


Rains are falling hard now

lets me wonder about time

how do we measure our lives

poured upon by atmosphere


We take a notion that we heard

some sage that caught our eye today

we listen to their words to say

we want to be just like their way


And suddenly our patience interferes

time begins to issue statements

our worlds can’t be just like each other

far too different in our sudden fears


When the skies begin to part I feel a little sad

knowing again my world awaits another storm

Using Twilight

Here I am

wondering how I might

move from one spot to another.

I have watched the night sky grow

letting time coast past my window.

When our mind

reacts to the still hour

we would welcome an answer

mild response suggests only smaller

needs easily forgotten again.

I would like

to understand the confusion

that circle of life that winds

my head into this enigmatic pulse,

the breathing tubes of concern.

Night sky now

holds the beams that seek

our eyes to recognize concepts

of life far greater than our own;

yet we still wonder about today.

I will sing

a lullaby that brings peace

to my broken heart, my anguish

that part of me that hangs tight

resilient to a caustic atmosphere

One more day

sometimes that’s all I need

to step away from indecision

the warm sunlight of morning

will again erase the pain.

Energy Drive

In my home town

there is a street named

Energy Drive

I often think of that avenue

wondering if I stood on a curb

I might soak in that guidance

be drawn by the concept of its strength.

I understand the name

is drawn from industry

symbolic of discovery

Yet, I need to capture

that essence.

Ever notice the happy sense

of good energy

Always see the value

good thoughts can bring to our lives.

Yes the moments exist

that tear our hearts apart,

the tears remain when sensing fear,

the world seems less friendly …

Only when we allow ourselves to remain

alone enough to sap our energy.

Imagine pleasant thoughts

a desire to provide happiness

a genuine smile

shocking as it may seem

there are many of us that decide

upon our day

by the energy we engage.

We are energy driven,

polar opposites that attract.

When a negative wave reacts

call it a vortex

we seek shelter

we back pedal

we often haven’t a clue

how we ever got there.

Upon a distant star

traveling through the night

an optimistic response

allows our lives to become

that fragment,

that piece of life,

a strong purveyor of the resource of

Energy Drive.

Maya’s Lasting Impression

I have tears this evening

Pools, welling in my eyes

Imagining a spirit soaring

Streaking across our skies.

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

To recognize the human condition

To celebrate her marvelous vision.


We were hearing your words

Welcoming a stately event

All of us gave pause afterwards

This new sound began an advent.

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

Realizing today we have a mission

Heartfelt we wish only inclusion


You spoke eloquent verse

Eyes that recognized nature

Passion of a healing nurse

We needed a path mature

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

We are a society driven by a common

Ground; shrieks to lessen the demon.


That day, you shouted aloud

Spoke of nations, of people

A message of love so loud

Tipping the cynic’s steeple

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

Know today we have made a decision

Sweet words shall stifle our aggression


Remind me your love today

Compassion, delight in real

Moments may lead our way

Paths we may reach surreal,

Hers, a delightful voice

Allowing us our choice

When will our song bury oppression

Live wise, sing Maya’s lasting impression

Victims of Violence


They look like all of us,

do you ever wonder when the dust settles

if they feel the same way as you

when their loss becomes real.

Victims of violence

those directly in the face of pain

but more indirectly

the family, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, colleague

They all eventually will look like you and me.

I watched a grown man cry today

and I wondered if there might be someone so callous

to judge his pain

having not yet endured the loss he experienced

today, right now, at this very moment, in the instance

our reality becomes whether our order is ready

his state of mind is only about


When does it become close enough to

that which creates our personal need

when do we recognize that our lives

are so fragile that the television commentary

will one day enter our living room

yes, that sanctity, that venue that no one crosses.

How long will we hide behind a news story before

we act upon the perils that permeate their lives;

victims of violence.

The Human Form

We have so many satisfying options

for you to choose from.

That is of course if you are

particular about who you might be found


How a person might decide upon their options

can really depend a great deal

on scrutiny when taking risks

when saying hello

when deciding to speak

while imagining their values

as they might add up with his, hers,

the one we recalled the other night

that moved our soul beyond that typical fanfare:


Are you capable of recognizing beauty

beyond the adornment, the decorated needless

stereotypical amulets that define the moment

without giving insight to the … later on?

You know when the gloves come off,

when you realize she is here with you forever

when he becomes someone beyond that initial

walk of fame.

One summer not too long ago,

none of that really mattered

as long as they were able to play.

Then something magical occurred when one day

the two of you breathed in one another’s

human form.

There was a sudden response that didn’t allow

for innocence but instead curiosity –

A need for more began this new journey

toward recognizing new games we play

far more frequently when we grow with

ever changing rules.

We suddenly find scrutiny

far more attractive than simply being,

simply having,

simply seeing and respecting

the human form.