A Look, A Comment, A True Thought

When that moment of certain fear arrives,

In my head a turbulent storm gyrates.


Little beyond feeling, perhaps notions

that creep inside the mind ever ruthless.


Self doubt with little afterthought beckons

a spirited reaction, though docile


in its manner, subtle in quiet spite.

Conscious and confused, separate outcomes


seem to alter the confident repose

of yesterday’s pleasures; sweet elegance.


Dashed by a look, a comment, a true thought

aimed desire to know to define passion


We all seek solace from our certain fears

that dress themselves neatly in the shadows.


Yet, why now?

Why this time?

How is life


when confusion

lies in wait?


A look,

a comment,

a true thought …


How do anxieties become defined,

while internal pleasures speak only pain?


When did you walk inside this room of mine

that your response might merit my own life?


I will wait while heavy clouds dissipate

the lightning strikes my soft heart may create.


Racism Breathes


we as a nation are appalled,


bold in our scrutiny.

Judgment’s wrath became center stage



painful in silence.

Ownership demands real.

What we suggest to be actual

needs be allowed to reveal

the certainty of love.

Hate is knocking on our door

the one that closes the outside

from knowing our angst,

that tucked away demon

forgets humanity

in favor of the monster.

Today we became a nation with opportunity

Allowed to hear ourselves above the insanity.

May With Flowers

A melancholy ordinary day

while traveling along a dusty way,

I thought of the month of May

how sweet to see your eyes today.


That’s when the flowers begin

a sojourn outward from within.

In May our hearts long to pin

us down with sweet romancin’


Remember those distant afternoons

we’d linger passing minutes in swoon

I might now in May recall a tune

making love underneath the moon


I would believe in you in May.

A saucy time when hips would sway,

dances while your eyes made me stay

in your arms – please don’t go away.


Let you hold me in your arms tonight

I want to comfort you too if I might

we can win the war of evil tonight-

May flowers bloom in mourning sunlight


Spring is in the air, its May everywhere

so don’t despair, soft wispy eyes so fair.

Capital Punishment

Wait …

I’m not ready

he’s not ready

she’s not ready

not worthy

not right

not exactly operating on all cylinders

When we decide

upon the finality

of death, are we

I mean is it our goal

would we, could we,

do we really want to have that

burden in our mind?

Every day, we may

fight the reality of

a maligned state of mind

while the world ticks on

this creature has torn apart

the fabric of our world,


how can we allow society …

Pass judgment on me,

tell me what I did wrong

for ever and ever and again forever.

The news suggest

premeditated murder.

Well they got that right,

and now

the menace rides deeper into hell

living hell

with bars and soap

and a new society,


perhaps that is justice.

Death by association not by the needle.

Just Outside

Grey skies

steady mist

yet, you all remain.

What is your shelter

when song is left at bay?

When I walk in rain,

I am afraid;

the feeling of water leaves me


wanting to seek cover.

Yet here you remain.

One might suggest


the size of your brain.

-but I wander-

In that travel

is it possible, you have

so much more to gain?

When standing in the rain,

your soul is so defined,

whose ‘diadem’ today will reign?

Sweet, Storied, Solemn


I like to remember smiles

yours is one

a deep healthy laugh

real, genuine, resonant.

I see your eyes,

know this as you cry tonight

that there might be, we cannot predict,

some solution that sounds

far more wonderful than this reality.


A vision began things

set the tone,

created moments,

steps, strides, special

delights, filled hearts

with movement, grace, elegance,

a niche your eyes choreographed.


One time I saw tears

very real and poignant,

that told me a story

about human nature.


Yours, soft, real passion.

We all find days

we reflect upon

we decide to earn

a new moment,

desperate measures to move beyond

confusing outcomes, decisions, mandates.


Special are the hours spent

in poetry slams,

dance competitions,

bringing worlds together

in little rooms

where language held no barrier.

The smiles, the laughs, the tears

all so nostalgic today.


Live beyond the fury of indecision and walk forward

in sweet stride, elegance storied, spoken solemnity.

Step Outside


We do so much

to avoid one another.

I know I do when I am faced with you.

There are a thousand reasons

to prevent myself from

finding a way to communicate with you.

A spring afternoon

feel the heat bake upon our skin

the natural essence of Nature’s

brilliance yet there is derision.

Even on a beautiful day

the pain can be too arduous

to even imagine

there is an easier way.

When we wisely let our words


there are certain angles attainable;

we might stand in a corner

imagining a physical room,

when really an open spacial

plane exists for our souls to interact




We might, I might, you can, I will

step outside the box.