Sensitive Outcomes


I can recall sitting in your basement in the winter

when I was told to not cry.

I was confused, and actually angry

but then I didn’t know what to do except

let tears stream.

Have you ever been told you wear your heart on your sleeve?

What did you do with the information?

Did you run and hide?

How might you recall the moments

when we were asked not to have feelings?

Or at least

don’t show them around me.

Not today.

Not any day.

Certainly not when we are around

or when other people matter more.

Be confident in a good sob,

in the cleansing beauty of knowing

your heart and soul have released the pain.

In order to begin to feel more,

feel more and more and more!

And then perhaps

you might just believe that stranger

who asks you one day without fail,

how you might feel

wearing their shoes.



Only the Soft Melody

Funny how a day can be shaped

by keystrokes and a romantic tune.

Reminds me gently

of soft rains and mellow eyes,

sharing time like forever.

Hoping to always continue journeys

I do relish the nostalgia

of our walks,

holding hands,

caressing your forehead – reaching fingertips …

Tracing your elegant persona,

Manners while you smiled in the autumn sunlight.

I can be right by your side imagining

sunrises with your shoulders a resting place

for my open windows.

More traces and shadowed walks

arousing a spiritual drive

that nowhere is ever defined until …

When it is no longer with my soul

sadness then prevails;

While aging entertains

our lives with revenue of little value,

we are a simple lot with caveat regard

for our Grace, guidance.

Do you remember?


What Really Matters


(elaine tweedy paintings)

Taking a drive

Want to cruise the landscape

Roadblocks always seem

To slam my path

At a most convenient time

For others.

Brings me to my first vista

We do like to focus on them

Rather than perhaps, ah, ahem

Looking deep into our own psyche


Not so fast

Let’s talk about them a little bit more

Just a tad

So much easier than before

I want to understand

Just why it is that they are them

Those, others, because, why

Do they always seem to drive away

Or wait just a second

Light turns green

Moving on is so much easier

When glancing ahead

Journeying towards that

Inner peace

Will it exist if I drop everything else behind

A trunkful of baggage that I carry

With me each and every day.

Onto the next vista

Has a sort of mellow energy

Cannot quite ascertain the purpose

Feels wonderful, sweet peaceful

What am I thinking you might ask?

Certainly many things but nothing resembles

Any notions of … splendor is sought!

Clouded Judgment

When the clouds pass by in the morning

I will continue to live by my dreams.

Life gives me moments to realize

And the hours pass by

Without notice.

Random as a lightning strike,

I haven’t any control over which pattern

Of thinking I might decide upon.

Yet in the evening as the sun begins to set

I think of the clouds as they created obstacles

In my notions of life.

Somehow I forgot to look when the shade

Erased any memory of a burning hot desire.

Suddenly I was cold again

Feeling the fears that always await my mind

More prominent on bluer days than not


I looked outside in the sunlit morning

And felt swept in by the cloudless sky

I wondered what it felt like to be so free

Of any obstacles that might impede my day


When I Listen

muddy waters

I listen to the blues to push you away

Nothing personal baby

Just it is so much easier that way

When I am feeling so blue

I just listen to the blues to push you away


See there is a horizon ahead

We all see it lay before our eyes

We all want to feel that special breeze

That one that lets us feel it’s ok

See there is a horizon just waiting up ahead


In the quiet light of the morning

I am listening to the music that moves me

Feeling the moments and triggers of my world

My reality is spoken through this melody

In the quiet light of a sunlit morning


I listen to the blues every day to push you away

Yet never believe it is you I want to shoo away

Romantic Interludes

When did you last reach for the sky

Or did you turn on the box instead?

When last did you hope for a prayer

Or decide that you are tired and stay away?

How often do we ask for a reprieve

From the daily grind of our wares?


I haven’t found the time to rhyme

When I rather need to find my layer

Of hope that guides me through the day


When did you think I’d understand

Or did you simply never really care?

I went away to a different land

And found that everything was ok.

Then you left and I found my fears

Were everything I had imagined.


I haven’t found the time to rhyme

When I rather need to find my layer

Of hope that guides me through the day


I knew that you were right again while

I was playing the game that never ends

You packed your bags and left the room

With books we shared and gathered one

And when I said let’s empty them together

I came home to know that I was now alone


I haven’t found the time to rhyme

When I rather need to find my layer

Of hope that guides me through the day


It took awhile for me to see the truth

Even when her hands caressed my shoulders

I thought of all the rest of time we’d spent

Holding court with our lives together

I wondered if I’d ever really meant to know

To feel the truth had left your love forever


I haven’t found the time to rhyme

When I rather need to find my layer

Of hope that gives my heart some time

And The Story Went On

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Had become his world

Outside the door

The people walked by

And one whispered slow

He’s a statue inside

And then the cherry

On the cigarette lit

A waft of smoke nearby

And the neighbor knew the truth

He wasn’t alone anymore

At least from the outside

Looking in

To a place he never understood

Just knew he was there forever

Until he stepped away

That would be a very long time

A lot of pain to travel then

Before the world looked new again

See he was fighting for the love

That seemed so certain weeks before

That now appeared to be down the road

Out of reach and further down the avenue

He couldn’t no longer appreciate that beauty

Instead just pain every vision that met his eyes

Yet, tonight, as the darkness began to drift into twilight

His heart had felt the pain, he knew there would be light

Soon after she left

He sat in the room

Knowing the alone

Would remain close for a time

Until he soon stepped off his dime