We Can Notice Someone

Walking in the park I noticed a couple of people

Non-descript just hanging out

Keeping to themselves and living

I could feel the laughter through one of their smiles

Seemed to radiate through a forest of spiritual energy

I believe we are all meant to see these moments

Even when we don’t understand

I believe when we can notice someone

They then begin to exist in our minds

We never let go of that vision, image, persona

Captured my attention that beautiful summer morning

When the sunlight peaks through the valleys of our mind

We are safe, we are real, we are loved

I knew a young gentleman

Who could make people laugh

Even when his own world might be crashing down around him

He was there for everyone else beside himself

Sometimes we don’t get a chance to only realize just too soon

Just how beautiful that couple in the park were that afternoon


The Journey continues … (prose)


Tonight I’m faced with wonder. I heard about a friend of mine’s brother who is on his final moments in that vehicle of a human body he has been blessed with some twenty plus years. His travel on Earth cut short by an artificial stimulant that decidedly stopped his heart, and now he awaits the ticket home. I am sad and confused, well not as much confused as frustrated by how unpredictable our lives really can be. Anything I write tonight will be meant as a testament for the tremendous respect I have for the family, and all of the anguish yet ironic love they will experience in the coming days, all of which begun on Sunday night.

For we do truly love when we recognize someone else’s grief. We do truly shed tears for the reality of God’s heavy hand when decisions of mortality become the truth of our existence. We experience without knowing, and are asked once again, in our brief sojourn with the human condition to learn acceptance.

During times such as this, we question God’s motives, and wonder why this individual was chosen at this time of his life. Not yet twenty five, and his journey here on earth in the physical sense will end soon, and his soul, that which we all wonder holds His mystique will travel on, at a certain peace from the hellish world he is now departing. I only call it hellish because in truth, his actions might have suggested that that need to escape was far more enjoyable than the nightmare his lifestyle had made commonplace.

Drugs are a menace to our young people, and this young man is a clear example of how easily vulnerable we can be to something that we haven’t any concept of its wrath. Tonight the family holds vigil, helpless to the awesome strength of our God as we know him, in all of our circles of spirituality and belief. There are some that will shed tears, many tears, in the release of emotion that follows this beautiful boy’s passing. And yet, somehow we need to be thankful, for again, in tragedy he has provided us knowledge, a keepsake for holding true to the tenets of behavior that can and will cut our lives short. His was measured by a need to escape, and depart he certainly will leaving behind many joys and fond memories of his own grace.

I’ve been looking at pictures all night long, and all I see is his beautiful smile. I cannot see the pain that exists behind the empty shutter. I only imagine the laughs and good times that were always had when he was in the room, because he really is love, and is that representation of our reason to live. He provides us truth tonight. God bless him, and Godspeed his peace and God please love him and guide him and protect him.

Fragile, Human, Love

We are a natural trip are we not

Stubborn, tough, confident

We walk into a room and we are noticed

Attention, smiles, familiar

We will need each other only when we want to

Cry, sigh, tell me why

Heart is aching tonight

Thinking about you, and you, and Grace

Wondering about choices

Deciding that while my life is lacking

Really how miserable that might sound to you

At this moment

Tubes, needles and ventilators

Providing fucking artificial life

Fucking artificial life

That final moment of acknowledgement

All that shit about living bold

Doesn’t matter

Doesn’t hold up

All that bravado was a lot of fun …


Yet, there breathes that inner demon

Struggling and gnawing inside

Often quieted in moments

When the outside needed to feel safe

Crawling through the mire of mortality

Seeking some serenity

It never came at least while you were

Breathing naturally

We can only pray

For in the night He holds the key

To deciding your elegant fate


We love you and know you and thank you

Quiet reminders of fragile human love

Lift Up Your Hearts

(This is dedicated to a friend of mine whose brother is needing good energy)

Take a moment
and leave yourself behind.
So often we forget what exists
outside of ourselves
We like to think we are good caring people
yet sometimes the fast track of society
helps us to ignore real pain.
Tonight I am recognizing I am helpless
to His plan.
However I have hope – such a beautiful reality
Tonight I am thinking about a good friend
walking the streets searching for a solution.
If we all take a moment
to only wish peace upon those whom we touch
imagine the bounty of freedom from falling victim
to questioning an authority far beyond our means.
Tonight, I’m asking for serenity
to be a wave of security
for a young man and his family of compassionate souls
Tonight, I’m wanting all of our energy
to pool together and hold God’s hand.
Lift up your hearts everyone and know love

Leaping Hearts

So the other day

I realized that all of my pain

The wrenching self-pity

Constant worry

Practiced resentment

All of that garbage you see hanging off my shoulders

Belonged there


For just a little time

We need to carry the weight of our burden

To recognize we are not alone

Humility can always knock on our door

No matter how special the fabric of our security

Life matters and it occurs

One day we’re flying above water

Next day drowning in a sea of remorse


We want to blame modern society

That all of the ills have been created

By the manner of living

Over stepping our true values

Over acting in certain arenas

Over responding to quiet moments

We all share the burden of humanity

Then why can’t we share the Grace?


We all die together

Much like we all begin as one

For that simple moment of clarity

When I hold my baby in my hands

And recognize her smile, her genuine eyes

Seeking direction, seeking, asking without words

Only, just, only what, a tear, a breath

Wanting something from me, and I suddenly know

My heart leaps with the beauty of the moment


Love! Love will be. Love is. Peace is Love.

Stepped Outside


We stepped outside today

Took a walk in the cool breeze

Like any day

We’ve gotten used to these trees

Same leaves, trail familiar, gardens blooming


We stepped outside today

Watched the clouds roll in

West horizon

Showing a setting sun

Looked like much any other day today


We stepped outside today

Decided to be someone else for a change

Used our footing upon the rut

That held ourselves firmly

Leapt across a ravine familiar and old


We stepped outside today

Tried to look at the colors differently

Instead of listening to everyone

Thought about just one

Person that might influence our travels


We stepped outside today

Recognized there are many souls

Who share ideas

Lives that everyone might behold

Given an opportunity to see a new world


We stepped outside today

And looked at trees, and leaves, and paths

In a far different way

Tried to imagine if life were another time

How different might we speak in tone


Occasional moments of clarity we often desire

Might become lost in our fear of each other


It is that notion of connection

That interaction

Our possibilities; a sultry, smooth, seduction

Any random afternoon

When your tone, a sort of moon

Lit serenade

I look at you

You look at me

I see a smirk and we are sliding toward

Sea level

That is where I want to be with you

below the horizon

just off the grid

Where I may glance upon your lovely skin

While others go about their lives

Unraveled and distracted just beyond the edge