Happy New Year!


Try As We May


We are one

In each opportunity

Life ahead

Is a situational release

A declaration of unique testament

Outside the lithograph

That medium’s design emotive

Of our responsibility

Glance across the room

Conversations continue casual

While sunlight piques in afterglow

Questions arise of

Karma – regret, delight – response

A new design of willing restoration



We interact

As active participants

A freedom moment

Ordinary reactions

Howsoever the truth decides

Our plan forward; future

Fortune creates commentary

Now we will reflect past motives

While through this space

Our action is a constant happening

Life might reveal an eternal


Prepare our positive peace

Upon our human soul


We recognize now that next year is on the floor

Proceed sweet with that love we made known before!


Sweet Ode to Her Eyes

Music will light up the night

Visions in tear-drawn windows

Sweet sounds to remind

Time in essence

Do you ever recall exact meaning?

We met one summer

Taking classes or just noticing

A certain intrigue

Drew our lives together

We played with our own desires

Drawing nearer

Letting caution be our muse


I remember you

There was this gold string sash

You put it in my hands

Before the party

My teenage insecurities

Wouldn’t let me realize

The energy around that sash

Your fingertips in my hands

While wrapping string

Around my naiveté

I remember your smile

Eyes shining in the evening sky

Lips curled with a sweet

Clever knowing grin

A caution held in a sash


Years went by, and a visit

Drew us together again

My sister was always sharp

She knew long before I did

And we chuckled

That brief evening

When I kissed you …

I might almost recall the fabric

Your jean jacket

As my hands held your shoulders

And you leaned into me

We borrowed only for a moment

A neighbor’s wall outside a party

And chuckled away

Letting caution be our muse


The beauty of time

Two souls travel distance

And yet I came home again

Standing in a crowded room

Feeling ambiance and years

Moods that could channel souls

Quiet in my own mind I wondered

Leaned against the wall

Noticing strangers

When my eyes opened

You stood before me

I recognized your smile

Your eyes sparkled with

That knowing grin

Immediate conversations

Took us long into night

A romantic park bench

Moment in endless hours

There was only time

To grace one another’s past

And offer fresh retellings

Each word with allowance

Knowing caution was our muse


Our next reunion

A social media moment

When a text finds a friend

In the twilight

Welcoming coffee

And strong dialogue

We talked of family

Of love

Of life and sisters

Children and fortune

Certainly without the material wealth

But how the soul feels

Within those moments

Your heart, compassion

Beauty, grace, elegance

All of those words you deny

Were spoken in the sweet windows

Of your eyes

Laughing over ice cream

Caution is human nature’s muse


While the moon in night amber

Beckons our mind to figure out why

Know your eyes will give expression

In their reaching desire to recognize

How purpose drives our spirits

To define that mystique of passion

That romantic interlude

Between the real and imagined

When in a song we might recall

While suggesting otherwise

Our peace can be held in our hands

Knowing we may touch someone’s heart

(Eyes do, will, can, have touched our hearts)

Let time become our nostalgic sojourn

Well beyond the Grace of caution’s muse

Social Media Construct

Used to carry a pencil

Then a pen

A pager; then a brick that dialed numbers.

A typewriter

That suddenly had a scrolling banner


One day while sitting in a café

With a notepad and my pencil

I kept looking your way

Wondering if you might …


Today, there is little romance in our eyes

We believe what words we send to one another

With perhaps an added feature

Snapchat, IOS, Tumblr, Twitter

Imagine how granny or gramps might react

When we tell everyone our communication

Has come down to counting on a Twit

To let us know how to live through the hour?

I have no Pinterest in recognizing this mania

Bring me back the old parchment

The messy ink that made things real

Rather think about it

Then come to realize

My share is a permanent

Statement that all eyes may interpret howsoever

The world around me desires.


One day while sitting in a café

My coffee spilled

And the words blended with the paper

Losing their impact

Yet I knew their meaning

Now lost in memory

Forever preserved

In a quiet moment

While the bells of a romantic notion

Played rhythms in my mind

As eyes shared time

Smiles followed

Our love became intertwined by this sunny afternoon

And a delicious energy of unbridled passion

We found our lives together across the room

Jealous Streak

Walking in public

I will follow the man on the corner

In the linens I cannot define

Carrying his briefcase

Shoulder bag

Satchel that seems to fit fine

And my mind will race

Trying to define

Who I am while his stride moves forward

What will I achieve

With this intensity

Because that’s what it is

Every person I encounter

Will sap my energy

And before I can say hello

I’ve already made my exit

Not physically of course

But that mental awareness

That numbs to the moment

What rationale causes me to feel spite

When I see a material weapon

A flaunting reality of a world I cannot touch

What creates my need to abandon

Who it is I am today

Why is it when I look at a television

The illusion I observe becomes the nature of my envy

Just when I feel ok with who I am

I realize how boring I might really be

Despite all the love

Beyond the compassion

Away from any recognized reality

I will instead refute

By my own neglect

The beauty of my human condition

And how just by having eyes open

I can be a contributor to those around me

Why is it then I feel darkness

A shouting match filled with vitriolic


the traveling fraud

Not really so bad

Only not enough

Only this

Lonely identity fitting of the man on the street

Wishing Truths

I remember moments

So clearly its like I could feel you next to me today

That time in the car

The music playing

The song was

About you just like everything else was then

My everyday

Was imagining you

Wondering whether we might realize ourselves

I was young at heart

And only just beginning to get


I was with a girl

She was pretty

And when I looked in her eyes

She would smile

And really quite frankly

I needed nothing else

Except for that elegance


What is it causes our mind to go astray

When everything we have is

When all that we want is

When our heart is filled with love

What is it causes our mind to run away


I remember songs

That traveling in my car alone

I could sing at the top of my lungs

They were all for you

I’d hope you might hear them

Wherever you might be

As I traveled into the darkness

Always awaiting me

Hoping the next song

Might leave me in the light just a bit more

Before I had to dive in

The neglect of having faith in the now


What is it causes our mind to run away

When everything we might dream lies ahead

Romantic Burdens

I look for you every day

And wonder

Did you see me?

Playing out my role

Glancing about

Seeming at watch, in a search

For some decision,


A decided path

That appears to the naked eye

To have purpose

That is not really what it is though

Is it?

I simply cannot find you

I keep a piece of your elegance

Safely tucked away in my memory

So long has been the time

That I have to imagine moments

Rather than recall my imagination

Winter Solstice

We kissed

One night with desire

I remember reaching you


Touching your cheek

Feeling your hair tingle

The skin

As my lips searched for you

Eyes shut

Not knowing, just hoping


I’m told in truth

This is how it begins

Trust your instincts

And she will respond

If she might wish


I let my hand play with your hair

Lips searching your passion

A certain freedom came over me

A threshold to behold

Beauty in the quiet shelter

Shoulders pressing one another

My hand nervous and free

Wondering if my pull

Will meet your response

Eyes searching one another


I’m told in truth

This is how it begins

Trust your instincts

And she will respond

If she might wish


My wait was over

Passion swept across

Our lives teasing, trying

Tossing all caution aside

I felt your touch moving

And in that instance

A childhood became real

Purpose drove my desires

Each moment I drew you near

Grateful to feel you


I’m told in truth

This is how it begins

Trust your instincts

And she will respond

If she might wish


On that a cool winter’s night

Might your love carry the light