The Darker Reality


In America,

We celebrate with a feast

All of our lives

Are wrapped together

In a few hours of dinner celebration


In America,

Someone is crying


Away from the eyes they hide their pain



In America,

We drive fine vehicles

Wear designer gowns

Winding black ties on our collars

While sipping fine wines


In America,

The winds are biting

As a cardboard shelter

Provides little security

The hours creep slowly again


In America,

We will shop in droves

Just after midnight

And while a needy soul

Lays nearby, we’ll boast about

Our tent outside of Best Buy


In America,

Our lives are no different

In America we love freedom

On Thanksgiving night

In America … pray for us all


This Gathering

I am grateful

To recall the memories

Children running through rooms

A gathering of family

Hopping over the ankles

Brushing shoulders

Quick smiles as we flit by each

Relative that stood in our way


I grew up believing the aroma

Baking, basting, tasting

Always a natural consequence

Of gathering loved ones

While the care in the kitchen

Symbolic of love and festivity

Would offer purpose to the

Acceptable gluttony of spirits


If I were to name you

I’d feel compelled to recall

Everyone that touched me

When gathering I had no clue

How your love would remain

Close to my heart today

On this morning when I ready

My family to celebrate together


I believe then I am wondering

How to include everyone

My memories are vivid

Always a gathering with effort

To recognize each individual

Belonging together in heart and soul

Without exclusion on this day

An occasional stranger appeared … love


When I celebrate memory

I feel certain emptiness stir

Becomes an anxiety I fear

A gathering of lonely and heartsick

Souls wishing for a warm fire

A soft blanket to shelter exposure

I will pray for them in my own way

That peace in God’s eyes may occur


Glance outside and the sunlight’s beauty

Lights a blessed gathering of souls todayfamily-gathering

Walking by Landmarks

I took a walk outside the other day

And realized the world has remained the same

The fields are changing as the

Clouds build their quiet momentum

But the stroll is a similar cadence

One can never be moving too soon

While in life missing steps

Would be

A bit nerve wracking


I took a walk outside the other day

Skies with their hue of golden blues

Will always brighten my day

Even as the wind’s ice take form

I seek a quiet comfort internally

Only to recognize again

The sudden calm’s change

Might be

A tad unrelenting


I took a walk outside the other day

And questioned what occurs

When my mind begins to sway

Off course into a never-land

Of energy no less endearing

Yet driven by our world’s demands.

Could be

A new awakening


I took a walk outside the other day

And when I listened to the sweet melody

Of simple pleasure in nature’s Grace

I could imagine a peace

A love of beauty and delight

Shed all aspects of the past

Only to relish a newer day again

Will we

Ever make allowances


I took a stroll while on a new avenue today

Noted the people’s intent to thrive in the gray

God Moments

I said that yesterday

I did

It happened


From the moment the sand began to shift

There was no control

No isolation of a misgiving


Every word became partial

To the bigger picture

An incident that began


I stepped inside your world

Realized for a second

How absolute my own life might be


In a similar time we can recognize

We are not so different

You and me, we, us, together – apart


In the God moments

We can find peace

Knowing our lives are designed

Hummingbirds Help

Seek a quiet moment …


Between the avalanche of emotion

That buries the crisis of reality


A figure appears

Hidden within the numbers

Dialogues that drift into the open air

Of dreary daylight

Everyone listens

Synchronized conversation

In hopes that our own world

Might be less restrained


Believe in your moment …


Upon the circle of life

We are all travelers


When a pain stirs in one’s heart

The feeling might bring memory

Of a different time

That opportunity when realized

Suggests a freer mind

Relates a rite of passage

Or, response to suggestions

All driven by spiritual passions


Will you feel better when the darkness …


Have I ever told you, in all honesty

My world is smaller than yours?


Self – righteous quandaries

Value driven requests

Plead your case

Drive your base intentions

Away from a common day

All too late

Longing to hide our lives

Within the human race


While a glance among the vibrant morning clouds,

Remind us of simple Grace; His quiet elegance.

Seems Moon Moments

Seems the moon is full tonight

moments of clarity

indecisions, fears, apprehensions

all one

driven by a cycle of attraction.

Seems anxiety wants a traveler

to join the journey

access concern

identify worries that stir the mind.

The soul

is looking,

asking for a moment

to help decide upon a travail

a trail

with well, some, simple selected


Seems truly that the moon is full tonight

I wonder if it might be

where you are as evening prevails

near you, your, you’re wandering …

How close or far?

Seems the moon is driving me

to wonder where

your life recalls a moon,

in similar manner, mood, move

away from an odd reality …

and settle in together,


Our Brothers; Our Sisters (Our Veteran’s Day)

While you were away

People continued to want

While you were away

People stressed over latte

While you were away

People blamed the one percent

While you were away

Wall Street didn’t miss a beat

While you were away

Families ignored one another

While you were away

Society forgot to mention

The risk involved

The loss endured

The humanity destroyed

We speak rarely of a certain reality

One the media voice won’t exploit

A truth that evades the common eye

While you were away

People chose not to understand

Haunted, windows might close.

Shadows to follow your mind’s

Memory, nightmares designed

Tears remain your real lows

While you were away

Brother, sister, friend, foe

We were told about you

Searching the grain of your …

That sheltered your once life in

Swathed cocoon like revues

While you were away

People wail their goodbyes

We soar with freedom, a Nation, a society

While eagle’s wings … restore our sanity!