I Watched You

I watched you as your sister’s hand

Led you cautiously along the path

I could see your eyes search the land

Wonderment in your seeking hath

Allowed me to then realize

This little man could love the world

As life evolved around him wise

Reach out and on its axis twirled


I once imagined a new life begins

And wished that all the pain around us

Might leave his innocence in quiet wins

To allow his gentle spirit heed little fuss

Only live with wealth of mind and soul

Abiding just as conformity might suggest

A young man now wanting only a goal

Of innocence and grace and without jest


I watched as life’s gravity allowed my world

To remain secure while you walked away


Are We That Society? ‘The Counselor’ a review

I have to wonder if glorifying the sick and twisted is really where our society wants to lead themselves. I watched ‘The Counselor” with intrigue because, one, the name value drew me – Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt – a number of actors that really grace the stage with character and panache. But that’s where the movie left me frustrated.

All that panache and glitz seemed lost in some twisted notion to explain away the ills of our society, and glorify the delivery of methodical evil on our world. We don’t need this right now. We need reality and love – that can still be found at the movies, right?

The actors? Are they just sidelining their morals to collect a paycheck? I know there are superstars out there that only take roles they feel merit substance. I’m curious about this set of names that graced the stage in ‘The Counselor” I cannot justify the ideal that listening to the philosophy of criminals is of a greater value than people that represent good in our lives.

I walked away feeling a bit confused about what it was that I liked, and as I get further away, I wonder why I would like this in the first place.

True Within My Soul

When I am alone

Blue skies, in autumn

I delight in the splendour


I can discard the hate

That swells around me

When people wreak allowances



Coursing through their veins

In a supported fashion of





Back here I lay my body on the natural earth

And feel the fabric of my existence

Envelop me with little regard of self worth

Only the Grace of no resistance

Eyes searching the brilliance of a sky

Pleasure in the chaos of human kind

Losing its way; a struggle that will not defy

This languorous journey in my free mind


Walking on the street

I would hear laughter

We realize that man

Builds up an ego to



Imaginings of a certain love thought alone


At risk


If only for a moment of hateful spite

Yet this quiet brisk windswept fall whence

I will realize the quest of God’s nature

To allow my soul to rest in the earth with confidence

Knowing I can be so happy and free to be sure


The pattern of life begins with every new sunrise

Knowing only our beauty of love will be the wise


Seeking Solace

Respond to all within sweet moment’s need

Suddenly drawn to resolving a quiz

The mind will venture further in its greed

Real as such savors a temperate breeze

In Man whilst heart is in common display

Venture forth that desire to recognize

Validation may cause the mind to sway

Beyond our normalcy; what love belies

Human spirit tests Her society

Mystique will question a sublime author

Whose world drives are willed while the wanderer’s

Own ability grieves wide beyond fears

Her eyes might depend upon sweet lovers

Beauty regards grace in His elegance

While our solace suggests seeking new chance

Expect Anything

How fortunate the soul

That finds solace in freedom

Measured on so many levels


A morning sun casts shadows

Warbling sparrows design

A reaction as windows open


One might imagine the sky

Looks the same to each of us

Yet terror holds a different key


We value real interactions

That define who we may be

Whilst others remain a mystery


Seems the logic of our path

Is measured only rarely

When the road before erodes


If an answer to our dreams exists

The heavens will no longer resist

And How I Cry

Our own hourglass

The one that holds

Your heart

As invisible as time

Will still exist

No matter

Not knowing

Just because


For the value of love

Can be defined

In a skip across the

Damp pavement of a city blind


People out walking their dogs

Normal lives

That I cannot touch

Yet stand nearby

And wonder about

How He decides upon a journey

Even the dampness of the morning

Reminds me that I do feel you


With every step my life

Exists by a virtue

A value

A common ground


That when it is exposed

Feels just then slowly bound


Only then

Late Nights

I remember wondering about life

While the traffic rolled by

That quiet afternoon

In an uptown café

There were always faces

Around me that I could rely

Upon knowing remained nearby

Without voices; only eyes

Powerful in their resonance

Whatever my shadows around

Their souls told my story

Aloud without resonance

Simply shouting symbolic gestures

While I wondered casually in fear


In poetry the writer’s speaker

Is a suggested … the solo inspiration

Of a singular human being’s psyche,

Drawn from imagery and metaphor

Meant to take away the burden

Always carried within the soul


A method of departure that day is common

While always around and near me, in You