Pinnacle Blues

Feel that?

moments later

when the settling delights

transform to a nether land

dark places led by anxiety and fear

cravings that accentuate mystery

take a ride with me 

recognize while we ascend

our hearts will need to withstand a reckoning

all of those dreams

epiphanies energized emotions

become dragnets of gathering storms

wallowing in Nature’s silent command


My Last Night

When the pain became too much
I stopped looking
Finally the strength
To step away overcame me
False reality
Bitter truths
Splayed before my eyes
Quite simply my heart was broken
In more places than even they could know

When a cry occurs
Soft petals
Rain soaked tears
Skin damp from streams released
Across my cheeks
The general public never sees
Trails of passionate fears
Not because they can’t visualize
The instance of pain

A child’s eyes
Meant to contain beauty
A sparkle of delight
Expressive response to a world
That allows her unbridled love
Safe to imagine
Without panic or anxious torment
Without slander or tactless assault
Only soft cushions of life

Why have all the children disappeared
Innocence and naiveté, and quiet love

Be Pretty Please?

We expect only that you reflect our dreams
Our anticipation is your responsibility
Remember that when you question us
The mirror you see becomes slate gray
All of your efforts are left on the vanity
As deep inside the soul we often
Forget to respond to our reality

Visualize, and be pretty please
And recognize respect reacts
In simple ways to the world around us
We can only know so much about ourselves
Without wishing winsome welcomes will
Allow our lives a quiet day of normalcy
Washing away anxiety and scrutiny

For while the world continues around us
In the morning another sun will rise
When as evening travels so the moon …
Again I wonder if she or he might realize
That every day their lives are on display
Rarely the general public asks your response
Genuinely simple, I wish to be pretty please

While receptive to a society and left alone
What wonder holds then our natural tone?

Secret Rendezvous

Be mindful
For there lies the rub
the mystique
a traveling sojourn
capable of visions
that play fantasy
with our reality

for we seek great
distant pleasure
that releases our lines
of discontent
into wild abandon
that tests our Spiritual causeway

our reckoning is perhaps
misguided and fortunate
telling a story
winding a tale
whisking away sad truth
in order to satisfy
a personal quest

for we do play slowly
when the game alters
its path to a certain
all knowing Spirited wrath

Driving with Chopin

One last thought as night settles nearby
Would an answer sustain a need
That compels our nature to know
Or might possibly another notion
Creep inside the mind
And fester never allowing a breath
To satisfy that quest driven desire

A new day arose when the sounds changed
Their mood and we could rise
Above the futile noise
Of some might call the human condition
Always searching always lacking
Some trigger of reckoning
Some emotional response
Suggest to me your ideals
And might then the sun
Rise slowly again
From the western sky instead

For as He might be interpreted
It is She that decides our outcome
No matter the strain, the sacrifice
The satisfaction guaranteed
Always still there remains
A moment we flout that almost
Certainly over-rides a climax in doubt

When a single flower blooms in a forest
Our only surrounding world takes notice

That Silent Moment

When we begin to smile
We see a light in the horizon
Imagining a world so far away
Remembering a moment so near
That’s when the stars really do align
Telling our hearts that she got away
Wishing upon another lifetime
To ask our regrets to remain away
And allow our lives to live as one

When all the realities that exist around us
Suddenly begin to speak of our desire again

I Want Your BMW

Everyday I see you roading
Drifting past me
Sleek and elegant
A fashion statement

I want your BMW
That should be my ride
If I were you
Then maybe I might have it
Cruising along the avenue

I want your BMW
And if I do drive away
That means I’m somewhere else
Not who I seem to be
Filling some absent void

I want your BMW
There is an attraction
To something I cannot have
Seems it is more than the metal
That holds your wheels in line

I want your BMW
I want it to be mine