Sweet Ceremony of Love

Ritual touch
Quiet breeze driven afternoon
Senses brought alive
With sweet fingertips
Serenading skin soft sensual
Imagine a travel
Shoulder tips
Yearning; sense of response
Breathe quietly letting skin feel
Lips nearby anticipating reaching
The touch curls shoulders close
And fingertips move inside
Nape of neck
A new arousal arises nearby
Cupped hands eager
And skin connects with lips
Glistening from moisture
As my tongue now tastes your beauty
A memory will
Create a delicious retelling
An eroticism that accentuates
Our most elegant moments of rapture
Grace, eloquent whispers that tease the ear
As hands now dive wantonly wishing only
To continue to move the moment closer
To that reality of love, of release, of passion
Such mechanics of human nature
Become magical when Love sweeps alive


That Ten Minutes

If I could tell you
Everything that occurred in that ten minutes
My life might be complete
The moments before
The time that stood on its own
The thoughts came swiftly without fail
A simple drive
The last ten minutes
But all had been realized
Notions took place
Random acts of ignorance
Carried my soul aimless
A lonely highway
Lights flashing ahead
Without certainty
Simply moving swiftly
Racing thoughts
Would challenge each encounter
Our moment together
Lied ahead in anticipation
And yet now I felt a pang of fear
I’d soiled the ideology of love
With mechanical fallacy
The failings of a vulnerable soul
In that ten minutes I realized I could return
Only the prevalence of humanity time explored

Hold Your Children Close

We remember that moment
The dials turn so slowly
That capture forever our time
In your arms
In my arms
Tears that suggest
Truly a miracle has occurred
I remember the eyes
Looking at me in a wonder
Asking to be held
Yet, not knowing why
Just pleading innocence
A natural Grace of need
Really, there is nothing like the beauty
Of cradling love in its purest essence
We recall the first bruising
A simple fall on the pavement
Reared up howls at eye contact
We reach out
To cradle new found fears
In your arms
In my arms
Tears that suggest
We are here, there, and nearby
We know that hearts may swell
When memory gathers momentum
A glance of a familiar icon
Brings a waterfall
Such notions shed light on the beauty
That God has provided our humanity
We know now what then we dreamed
In a flash our responsibility
Becomes a secondary reality
Their world reflects upon
Everlasting hope
Simple faith that draws energy
Hold your children tender so close
Allow their naivete freedom to choose

Finding Peace

The long road represents time
With every narrow passing
A piece of life becomes sublime
Its nature is to reckon our liking
We raise our children to bring the future
Presence into our hearts and mind
Knowing their lives evolve only to assure
Beyond the comforts of home left behind
A quiet melody breaks when love is erased
A soft heart weeps at a moment’s loss
The tears of love will forever be embraced
As we are finding peace; Spiritual cross
The emotional netting of family now knows expanse
A child’s tear ventures upon life’s passionate chance

My Ramblings

I’ve been thinking
The whole thing
This quest for what is real
Utter bullshit
I mean, c’mon now
How many different ways
Can we be told that our lives could be
Might be, have to be, driven by
Some sort of desire to feel like, that was how
I began every sentence with a notion
To examine what went right and what
Truly is really wrong
With this world
With this life
With this street sign
With this color of my hair
Each time I imagine I have figured it out
I try to recreate a moment
When it really did go wrong
Because it is there that I can have tangible
Evidence of just truly, quite remarkably
How really human I have become.

Her Jeans

I remember that day
We had skipped class
Laying about in her dad’s
Apartment one morning
Our legs were intertwined
Soft kisses
Dreaming eyes
And fingertips tracing
Each other’s lives
My hands upon her
Inner thighs
Touching her breath
As the fabric brought
Her skin alive
Lips tasting soft
Our lives were one
In a pause I told her
Truly how I loved
Her jeans
She smiled back …
‘they fit just right’

The Outlier’s Day

When the sun rises on the morning wetlands
A sweet air of wheat and autumn grain
Reminds an observer of a distant memory
Whiling away in the mind of a quiet wanderer
If we could capsule those moments of pleasure
Might then the tenuous tides have a lesser impact?
Shall a life begin anew each day, caressing beauty
Rather than dwell in the sorrows of human frailty?
The world contains secrets dividing equal lives
Causing a strain sending the mind on curious roads
Searching and seething in symbolic mechanical flairs
Created within a spectrum of designed philosophy
Today someone spoke of a need to recognize valued outliers
While shelving normalcy’s preoccupation with abating mortality