Marital Bliss is on Equal Ground

Tonight our world will ring a new bell

A notion we have intimately embraced

Tonight is the wealth of our predecessors

Everlasting faith and will to believe; to live


We are human

We are real

We stand tonight

We are surreal


In the lovely arms of equality

Life has been patiently moving forward

Suggesting who we are may be acknowledged

We are progressive in the eyes of the law


And you are my partner

And I am your lover

And now ours is forever

And we are together


The world will hold court today

We watch hands held together

At the strike of a twilight hour

In that first minute change is real


For even in our childhood when love

Seemed only generated by family

As we grew old and shed innocence

There arose a new confidence in love


Tested in our every walk of life

Tested by our friends and family

Tested by our will to understand

Tested and passed when love …


Watch close, we reference the human condition

Society has challenged itself to be the agent

Creates a new path that everyone in His eyes

Evolve with deeper, heartfelt, delicious love


Deep in Color Pastels

A glance becomes a moment

As we decide to


Watching the light above the clouds

Our existence

Gives pause

Now tonight to the glow

The real light

That exacting presence that cannot be altered from the sky

We can decide how we walk

The direction; a curbside stroll

Or through a path in the woods

But now as I stand

Glancing to the East, I cannot change

What I see

I can only observe

And recognize somewhere

Deep inside my memory banks

There is a gracious reality

A reckoning

That cannot be forgotten

But only lends to this vision

Beauty, elegance, God

Across the water, watching me

Guiding me, sheltering me in

A night sky of lovely fading pastels

I Found a Letter

One of those earth shattering moments

When the truth hurts so badly

One of those I see it this way man

And I’m struck blind

One of those, I wish you could just be a

Normal part of our society


I found a letter that said these words

That to me felt just bad

Such a powerful word is bad, just bad

Reminds me of so many days

When in the heat of the moment the end

Result again pointed back to me


I could never run away from my personal demons

They’re always lurking about

Waiting to remind me of that particular

Time while I was searching for

Something is always in the way of my happiness

I think it is easily found


Because I see it in everyone’s eyes except

My own seem to falter

I want I want I want and then again I really do

And then you tell me once again

Shadows seem to suspend themselves around me

When in the midst of challenge


I found a letter and it seemed to say that everything

I worry and compel myself with is simply here to stay

Earth in Physical Motion

Imagine from a distance, a scene of motion

Constantly moving parts all drawn together

Each glance seems similar surrounding itself

Concrete and asphalt are crawled upon walls


Eyes never venture close enough to realize

The actual notions that will intermingle

With token reprisals of driven energy

All labeled some aspect of our humanity


Yet out here from some safe distance

Among the stars and distant galaxies

A certain peace exists with little scrutiny

Beyond a passing meteor; chunks of reality


If life were meant to be a painful reminder

What visual reason exists beyond our normal

Nature’s Clearing


We would then remember that summer day

When our lives wound serene along the trail

With all the world around love without fail

Would we understand how simple our way


Now recognize we each might contribute

New smiles that could lead quiet minds astray

Needless of concrete, cities while away

Note the autumn grain remains resolute


Our lives are one in the summer wind’s sail

Over hills nature’s melodic soft flute

Outside whispers the Earth; her desire’s root

Only in the sweet sounds of night’s prevail


See our passionate trio glance the path

Seeks elegance; smirking society’s wrath


That part of me that I’d forgotten

At least in the public eye

Returned for a visit tonight

I’d wished it wouldn’t …

Thought it was safely tucked away


We all have a piece

Of our lives


Just around the corner


How we choose to remember

Is a key to fulfilling

The purpose of recognizing

The human condition


See the reality

And walk away

If we are quietly reminded

Somehow we remain there

Replaying the highlights

We no longer wish to see


Life happens

We have moments

To choose our direction

We desire to grow


Pardon my evasive

Response to your visit

I’ve just worked too hard

To return to your state of mind


I do look to truth to guide my way

For honesty, my life breathes today