I Stopped to Breathe

Such exhilarating presence,

Seeing the mile marker

And realizing I had made the run

With everyone that joined me

A beautiful moment

And then I looked


To see my arm laying before me

In disbelief

I reached a pinnacle moment

And discovered that my life

Laid helpless on the ground

In a sudden flash



And the chaos ensued

As like a timeless ocean

Of practical emotion

I glanced upon

My detached left arm


As disconnected as my body felt

Running in a zone

In this second I was now

Parted from my own world

My eyes watered as the pain

Moved quickly to shock


I am supposed to be drinking water

Or a protein shake

I ran a marathon this morning

And like hundreds of others

I anticipated this moment

Of silent realization, of recognition


I didn’t ask for this

I wanted to collapse with fatigue

And not with the reality

Of having my body torn

Apart by a C4 explosive

I want to cry


I want to believe that the world

As I might recall my childhood

Exists in my waking day

As much as it may today

Staring in disbelief

My arm has begun to hurt.


I want my — freedom


Night Moves

Stars align

World energy

Isolates itself internally

See we all carry a burden

A hidden secret

Quiet in our realization

Yet outspoken when the situation

Feels right

Gives opportunity to reveal

That understanding

So rare when the moment

Is in crisis

I mean in circus

A big top moment


Desire and passion and reckless


All wrapped into one simple truth


And when I live

I am forgiven

Yet when I die

Nothing matters nearly

As much as tonight’s moment

Have you seen the moon?

Not this week

Doesn’t feel right

There will be an afternoon, evening

Daybreak when the mind

Will wander

Surely a glance will reveal

That rising moon

Uncanny how it suddenly appears

At life’s candor driven ideal

Candor, frank appeal

It is then that the moon is full


In this sweet solace a peace may embrace

Our lives will suffice nigh reckoning.

Widening Mystery? Mortality

How do we control

Our dying elders last days?

Why the mystery that

Leads to finality

Of a person’s spirit

Their ability

to give us hope while

a certain knocking occurs

and each step in that direction

we try to control

we try to justify

to indicate our own soul

remains reliant upon their

quiet repose.

My confusion

Is constantly reminded

By the actions of God

We can’t decide when

Our moment is upon us

We can only pretend to believe

That it doesn’t happen yet

And when it does

We are left feeling afraid



All over again

Wondering what key

Remains to resolving


Now the sky is darkening as clouds

Journey across the horizon bearing shrouds.

Continues to Happen (autism awareness)

I walked past

… didn’t notice

kept on moving

felt this motion

I need to maintain

What happens around me

Just will continue

I’m counting on that

If I suddenly stop

I might need to breathe


In a day it seems

Everything around me

Continues to happen

And yet

If I were to stop

That attention

Moments of recognition

Create an internal anxiety

Leaves me helpless and scared

Inside my world

It seems on the outside

To have this inherent pain

My mechanics; my human


Is somehow different

I can’t explain

And that’s why I choose


I’m safer inside this world

Remaining untouched.

Although I’d like you to know this one thing …

Drive Me Home

In a matter of words

I am driven

To correct


Delineate to a degree

Your words

My goal


Might be to suggest

Your words are correct

Wrongly stated

Misplaced and drawn out

Over-zealous is over-used.

An English morning

Spent searching semantics

To correct your speech


The prescriptive sentence

An etiquette we teach

That allows you to venture forth

As society might permit

Just words


From the heart

Is my only request

You do that

You say it in such a manner

Then you will know

As your head speaks

So does that English rhythm

Look for it

And drive me home

With your attitude

New found balance

Ability to communicate




To every word you emanate

And then the world seems complete

And that sentence nuance speaks again.

The Wall

My history now recalls a structure

That in its time designed to separate

One soul’s mindset valued from another

Evolved to suggest we eradicate

Our lives wind along in quiet repose

Crossing paths in mountains of hope we cry

To know all that allows society’s woes

May combat with our hearts should we deny

Each moment our eyes connect I am new

That lovely energy; delightful piece

Of my soul that suddenly becomes you

Sensual breeze; no obstacles just peace

So may our hearts decidedly embrace

Desire’s fortune elusive in His grace