Work Habits

I’m inside a forest

Been here before

Yet this isn’t serene

With peeks of sunlight

Through maples and pine

This one

Dark and scary contains the evils

My childhood remembers

You know

Quiet nights in my room

Hearing footsteps

Along the hallway

Not knowing

Or wondering

If they existed

Or was my heart pounding

With a certain fear

That memory

And tonight

Well that beat

That rhythmical pattern

Is present

As I imagine what lies ahead

What needs will arise

As I step gingerly through the brush

Not sure of my footing

And knowing that time before

Cannot be returned

And I adjust

Looking for a new path

Some guided tour perhaps

An acceptable journey

Without anxiety

No fear

Just quiet roads of thought

The forest is dark in a cavernous way

When logic has left an ocean surround.


Nature’s Patch

(A Patch)

Stepped into the sunlight

Tall grass around me

Imagined if I were to right

My world as the soil below me

I might grow for a time

Feeling sunlight’s energy

I may understand the sublime

Nature of life’s synergy

A long time ago

A good friend of mine

Suggested that when I go

Into the woods sometime

A rock, a branch, a blade of grass

To ponder a time to realize

How special this that will not last

Can be in a certain moment wise

And with each season

We are likely reborn

With all the new reason

As were our lives borne

For now in this moment in this quiet thatch

I lose myself assured within Nature’s patch.

Anxiety (Deeper Context)

When the night sky falls

and hearts begin to pound

simple truths lift walls

to allow notions profound

yet, why, are, we, sad

what remarks will make

our lives take turns

beating down for the sake

of having less returns

we, are, simple, people, that, unite, with, quiet, fears

Now tomorrow we rest

we realize that seems

that anxiety we addressed

might be a guided theme

of, wanton, passion, relate, well, our,

desire to decide our dreams.


Oh, I’m tired

exhausted with the strain

plodding along

trying to withstand


ever incessant expectations

For isn’t that it?

Truly aren’t we all wishing


looking ahead, anticipating

another bridge to cross

a goal to meet

an end to the challenge.

What if that ‘journey’

were actually His way

of suggesting our lives

are meant to be in continual





everlasting …


is awaiting our minds

if we might allow the future

notion of restless yearning

to just simply rest

at the crossroads.

Sit back and marvel the view


A deepening pain

Echoes inside my mind

In recognition

In realization

In reckoning.

That powerful syntax that moves

Beyond a notion

And completes its journey

Wild abandon

That interpretation that in my mind

Left itself reckless

Knowing it could resonate

And yet the paper cannot withstand

The mighty force of words


The human spirit

In all of its beauty

Soaring above clouds

Of discontent

Finds reason to balance

Nature’s course of mortality

We are frail souls

That when we hurt

We bleed

Our emotions we feel

Seeking a pendulum

To overcome

The error of our ways


And words again

Become my mentor

As I seek guidance

That forest

Of reasoning

Intertwining my path

With fallen branches, ruts,


Continue to assist my way

I stumble as often

As I may stammer in conversation


Yet in the end I am always resilient in hope

To recognize there are truths that allow me to grow.

Grateful Elegance – revised (2011)

In my world

I am given shelter.

In my heart

love has been offered.

In my mind

I have found decision.

In today

I celebrate life, love, and family.

In my life,

I have been free.

I remember … playing silly riddles


Wondering why wishing wells

Didn’t really exist.

Imagining important incidents instilled

happiness and calm.

Losing little lessons learned

might make me sad.

Quiet quests quelled questions

that angered my soul.

Holding high hopes haunted

my lonely outcomes.


Inside my dreams

I could imagine a Spiritual


If only I’d allowed my soul

To appreciate beauty as it were;

And not that which I desired

I would be lifted to a newer plane

Of memory and resolute passion.

If in that moment

I could realize God’s hand.

“And today I will embrace

delight of memory

grace of belonging

notion of nurturing”

Our lives seek one path

Together and that reckoning,

That is true Elegance lived.