When Just A Child

I could dream,

look out over an open landscape,

let my mind travel to somewhere, I couldn’t see,

but I felt it, deep in my bones,

I’d look to the sky,

hope it might be there, appear,

always returning eventually,

when my name I might hear, a song on the radio,

would always bring me back.


Today I’m older,

still looking out that window,

wondering what might truly be nearby,

just around that concept,

the idea of a new horizon,

a different place,

one that offers resource,

to help contain the peril of this place.

Perhaps that’s strong,

yet, I do believe we are sometimes gazing

at the brilliance of an evening star,

and we left believing …


Something is out there, and beautiful,

a dream, a mystery, an island hoping we could

land there, just for a moment,

and then we’re pulled back again,

the island fades into our natural trance,

we’re left imagining there will be another day,


when I glance across the street through my open window,

I will see the beauty of life in freedom’s grasp so delightful.

A Serenade Toward Living


We have this outlet,

called mortality,

yet too often we forget

our ability to function,

is based upon

shared love.


We hear the stories,

lost in the mix

of pain and suffering,

choosing an outlet,

even more destructive

than ourselves alone.


Seems clear at the moment,

when someone else unravels,

allows themselves a certain,


without realizing mortality

yields an arbitrary time line.


We have such a need

to respond to each other

as the givers,

the light in someone’s

oft-grayed persona.

We can speak love.


So often our desire,

toward happiness contrived,

loses focus in the moment,

a smirk, quick judgment,

abandoned connection,

will toss aside hope.


That’s the time to ask!

Imagine Love

Reveal to her the essence of your love

As she will revel perhaps then pass it on

When heart’s content feels exhilaration

Love together extraordinary

With frequent yearn, eyes search the sky above

Pastels in streak of surreal when done

We cannot wish bliss, such satisfaction

To discard spiritual love nary

A soul might discover solace alone

Our rainclouds forsaken humanity

We gather close always wish to enhance

Deep love toward one another newly shone

Offer a hand to ill solemnity

Sacrifice our meddling left to chance.

In The Flash of a Moment

Cap & Diploma 1

Do you recall,

big brother standing over you,

saying the words you listen to today.

‘If I could do it all over again’


Freshman year, starting high school.

All the fanfare of the big house,

pick your own schedule,

no more lines to Algebra class,

standing quiet in the hall,

while Jeff McCutcheon strolled by with Civics

reading ‘Crime and Punishment’

with a smirk on his face,

only to impress the her,

he would pass in single file.


Way back when we were on our own,

find the classroom,

begin that initial posture,

set the tone

learn no names,

find friends who will be …

letting go of old classmates

by virtue of spacial proximity.


Recall the struggle when no one

waltzed in to hold your hand,

how distant the world felt,

when Economics kicked your ass

a year later … new adjustments.


Different friends,

hanging out together,

finding commonalities

in eyes, jeans, sweaters, hair styles.

Perhaps trying to find the right look.

Junior year and she really did,

Sadie Hawkins danced and made everything alright,

at least for the rest of that year,

until she left for him,

sort of an overnight express.


Now we stand in a new line,

a different sort of pomp because

this is about you today.

The end of this chapter,

allows a new sojourn to move forward.

‘Earned it brother’ he said on the telephone.

When are you coming home man

your usual response in a miles away

sadly ironic tone …

Boot camp for him.


The sunlight streaking,


stars aligned tonight,

any possibility for you …


Every Night

the satchel lays under the bed,

packed for size,

just the essentials that later define a life,

right now,

well, just a bag with some assorted goods.

Put me on a freight heading west and it suddenly,

like the click-clack of the tracks,

becomes everything we own in the world,

leaving the rest behind.


I think if I could live my life that way,

I might be less afraid of what I know today,

more intrigued by that which lies ahead,

those moments,

the brush of a shoulder,

a stranger’s smile on a sunny morning,

whenever any thoughts before that smile,

became surrounded by worry,

concern, defeatist theory, the everyday

glass half-empty man.


I occasionally look at the bag underneath my bed,

and see it sort of smiling knowing I will never lead.

When We Last Spoke


That incident in the hallway,

seemed a thing of the past,

I thought we were moving forward,

didn’t think their strength would last.

When we last spoke,

you smiled and said good-bye,

the same way you had

since we met in second grade.


High school coming to an end,

the next chapter,

so many lives,

so few recall the memories,

that others have endured.

Yet we go forward

with our day as we always have.

Perhaps a sandwich,

maybe I’ll go for a run,

the summer is ahead,

and college, my God,

this is where I am today.


I remember the very day,

they’d been waiting all morning,

he slipped by without notice,

figured today he’d be alright,

but it was after school,

when he walked out to his car,

they’d spray-painted his name,

inside a circle of rejection,

They’d all gone to the dance,

forgot about him that night,

figured he was at home,

doing whatever they hadn’t

any idea what he did,

what did he do,

they wondered now,

standing in formation,

the entire student body,

today’s speaker brought tears.


We cannot forget each other,

in the present or later on,

we might think that today

is easily forgotten,

but for some, it remains,

forever really.

That’s the fascination

that becomes our terror.

We must smile a real hello,

we have to become the strength,

to carry their bags,

when the weight becomes too much.


We have to keep speaking,

certainly continue asking.

We must believe,

we are all in this together,

then maybe,

another day,

they might,

want to understand.

Five Pictures, Five Photos – Day Five; On Diversity

Well, I missed the day, so this is an early morning contribution to the five days, five photos exercise that Dancing Echoes turned me on to a week ago. I will finish with one last piece. Again, the people I nominated to carry this out are Souldier Girl, Dana Renee, John Coyote & Ivon Prefontaine – all intriguing writers. My last nomination will be – Americana Injustica – Remember, you do not need to do this, just a suggestion if you feel like giving it a go. For me, it has brought my writing back to life after a bit of a drawl the last few weeks. Here we go, the last in my series …


One thing is very clear, we have a long way to go,

how many times have we wondered how to be in the know,

where do we begin to imagine we can show

our true selves without really having to defend. A slow

reckoning does await our ability to be human.

I think it has been simmering for quite some time.

We seem to think if we look the other way,

then no one can really understand our confusion

is real,

qualify your reason,

stop pretending,

look me in the eye and tell me you believe it is so.

I chose a picture that spelled out the word,


but there is something else,

insidious, clever, demeaning,

without revealing its true meaning.

The chips that grace the letters are a gamble.

In order to let go of ourselves and become the future.

We need to take that gamble,

but let’s recall,

that gambles are chance, and the odds are never good.

Let’s be real, let’s learn to love,

let’s go forward and try to understand,

the human condition is universal,