Indescribable Love

When everything else is put aside,

the need to have is forgotten,

the eye on the prize becomes a secondary notion,

for the forefront becomes our living breathing soul


she was born into our world

suddenly vulnerable in need of touch,

we did reach out

I held my little girl and everything around me

suddenly softened.

I didn’t know any other need beyond

having a cry,

because just then I suddenly knew love,

and she needed me more than I could ever possibly

need anything else.


her eyes were blue and the search had begun,

I looked inside to marvel in her beauty,

her real spontaneity,

her independence while being held,

cradled in our arms,

she was suddenly free,

without ever turning back,

she might go forward,

we would hope and pray,

and she did,

though there is the occasional turn and reflection,

she always knew her way,

allowed us to follow.


From that day forward we walked with her

delightfully met later by him,

and we all walked together,

indescribable love.

Vantage Points


We all hope to understand truths

while acknowledging secrets

we might look inside the world of time

to find an artifact, a memory,

-a childhood rite of passage-

reunion, delight, gathering, loss, solace

in all of our travels somewhere it is where we call home


This too will always remain strong

in mind when reflection offers time

to understand our lives

where we began

who it is we come from

how far we might travel now

knowing a foundation of love began

in the arms and eyes and laughter

… family …


When visitors would arrive,

smiles would always ensue

a welcome of many generations


lovely elegance

childhood laughter

the pangs of understanding who we are

began here

wherever we go tomorrow

we can always return

our own personal spiritual mecca


home is peace

Warm Face

The mask we wear,

shadows our lives,

might be removed when close to home

if we can see the eyes of those we love.

Today in our world we gather in peace

in hope tribulations, anxieties, unsettled

reminders of our humanity,

might be left outside in the cold unforgiving air,

while inside our lives become one in memory and story.

We will tell stories,

bring those people back to life,

for they have never left our side, only in that physical sense,

that in this moment, we continue to use to walk around,

to engage,

to make our presence known.


We are in love’s grace with our predecessors,

the mom and dad, favorite aunts and funny uncles,


the sweet memory of childhood dreams never broken

for compassionate arms always held our greatest fears.


We are in love today with our futures,

the gleam in eyes, the silly smiles, the elementary accomplishments

moving swift as young adults

help us realize the circle does continue to turn

wisely, all aimed toward that setting sun.


Today we feast on the beauty of family, and in the quiet of our

settling lives, we are reminded of certain fortune and peace,

a gathering of energy we hope might spill out into a rather

unassuming confused world beyond our control.

When reliance we do on whatever gratitude means in our minds

good heart and soul will reach for the heavens;

be thankful we are alive to celebrate spiritual agonies and beauty,

be the Grace we learned and pass on and into our hope.

be elegant and just love.


Warm faces, lulling laughs, quiet tears,

we all know truth today.


© Thom Amundsen 2015

In My Country

We have this tradition

in place

whereby our satisfaction

is the chase;

is built around certain

achievement –

a lifestyle some acclaim



When I was a young man

we gathered lives,

in a single room was the plan

celebrating  our tribes.

Well I was told the story any-

way to appease

my gentle mind beyond the many

matters of tease

meant only to satisfy our need

to celebrate each

other in manner one might heed

if asked to somehow teach.


Tonight I struggle for forgiveness

not knowing for what

yet full aware own goodness

keeps insanity driven shut

out from our interior, where the rain

of circumstantial

unraveling of the mind is insane.

i look to your world

if when you do cry, do you remain

are you often twirled

on a merry-go-round like a child shy.


We will give thanks to our world in tomorrow’s dance

always clueless to that circumstantial evidence.


I Wonder About Hope

I am feeling tears

in quiet repose,

she sits in a relaxing state of security,

our roof isn’t leaking

at least on this night while we feel the arctic air

begin building momentum.

I sometimes wish I might be elsewhere,

and then

glance around and realize,

there’s an old adage,

something about taking care of things at home

before looking for an adventure that helps distract

ourselves from our mission in life.

Something like that.

My Moon is Wonder

I noticed as the sky erupted with sole beauty

mystique always at hand, nearby holding court

wide in stride we recognize our humanity

aims high, always illuminations to report.


I do recall as a child in my quiet obstinacy

often a long stare, in wonder of a still glance

until one day a friend mentioned inherent lunacy

saddling mind, compelled by retrospective chance


Would it happen if by the stroke of time infinite

might my world be stricken by such haunting fear.

A child intrigue turned suddenly by life’s merit

toward inhibition, beyond shedding a sweet tear.


Welcome me to a spectacular world where soon

we might all know we may thrive by the moon.

If I Told You …

A long time ago I recall

I wasn’t so very tall

While the world passed

me by I felt I might ask


Do we all walk around

while similarly frowned

upon by those the others,

‘Oh if I had my druthers’


I’ve looked for a spaceship

traveling alone in silent slip

yet the skies always remain

a singular thoughtful domain


I might suggest a newer route

one chock full with little doubt

I wanted only to know a way

to find happiness in a day.


While the world does truly pass me by

I wonder when it is I might finally ask why