Freedom Being Today


When I awoke to the sounds of thunder,

I was a babe in arms, swaddled under

the care of loving parents, family,

those that would help determine life to me.

Then four when freedom died in disarray,

did shred lives leaving tears for JFK.

To me that day, Vietnam was way far out,

why it was, what these Beatles shout about;

posters, ‘End the War,’ scream patriotic

declare love, celebrate … vitriolic.

We aged into teens, lost a few more names

In the veil of Freedom, such shallow games.

Listen careful, idyllic words so vast,

MLK’s  ‘Thank God, I am free at last’

We Live Human Lives

© Ester Rogers  Photography

“Dreamy” © Ester Rogers Photography


We live human lives.

Together we define how society might perceive our world,

their natural abundance is imagined through his eyes, her ideals designed

to speak to someone else who might just well,

be the same,

have a similar internal sketchpad on how each perception we suggest,

choose to live out, imagine, fantasize, provide idyllic scrutiny,

how all of this really matters to one individual or the many.

We live human lives.

Today, there are mechanical realities that would suggest our human condition

is vulnerable, saddened, horrified even, in that eventual mortality.

We find ourselves left to imagine, to speculate, to memorialize

the beauty, grace, that sheer elegance of being so very, completely

real in the eyes of everyone around our own privy.

We live human lives.

Discover the truth in knowing there is attainable mystery

with allowance to give genuine love, provide earnest support,

create some pedagogical force to be reckoned with only due to that

resonate ability to fashion the wisdom necessary to be vulnerable.

We live human lives.

We cannot rhyme nor reason nor calculate a hypothetical truth

without at least trying, without removing our fear driven hypocrisy

suggestive of perfection in the eyes of those whose soul we wish to

engage, those we love, those we are all bound upon to, there it is again,

those that we choose to love. Why then shall we not choose everyone.

We live human lives.

Grey Skies Again

I wish you understood then I never would have left,

had that happened though, we would have been a story already told,

the one where the guy is heartbroken,

and she finds out years later,

when the two of them cross paths with different lives,

even though in that moment,

when their eyes met they knew.

Yeah, like going to the county fair,

full of surprises and lousy memories of times we could have.

We never did though except for the vivid imagination

we each allowed our own lonely minds to create,

when the grey skies would force us to remember that day,

we were stuck together seeking shelter along alleyways,

soaked to the bone in the hot summer rain,

didn’t matter I could see your beautiful body in the wet remains,

it only mattered that we could smile

and always love one another,

if not for just that short moment,

that one rain,

that sweet soaking that allowed our tears to disappear.

It rained outside again today,

damned if the skies aren’t always a little grey.

Shady Alleyways

I remember looking for you,

listening to the vocals scream their pleasures

about everything you and I might do with one another,

if only we could cross paths,’

but the words just didn’t seem right,

always an obstacle,

something pristine and golden fleeced

walking between me and all of your elegance,

walking away again,

I was always just wondering’

if just once we might have

if only for a moment,

put everyone else aside and just,

if we had for that moment,

just a second time, maybe something would have worked,

we might have been able to see past the games,

we might have noticed we were both searching,

quiet eyes, in shaded alleyways,

we all walked the same way,

together so far away from each other.

I Do Remember

I’m not ready to forget,

haven’t any wish to pretend that doesn’t exist

that part of me that keeps me awake,

wondering just why it is I cannot go forward

without having to retrace my steps.

with every victory,

that silly cloud in the sky that seemed so significant

when today nothing exists but the blues,

what is it I seem to try to seek,

it certainly  hasn’t reached that point of wanting to forget

or at the very least,

I haven’t been reminded to remember,

just yet,

any way, I was remembering that time you told me

to remember when it was we first fell in love.


We read about it on the news, that they would tell us,

back then in the wired age,

we didn’t really have to wonder otherwise,

we knew they were dying,

we saw the pictures of the massacre

of innocent lives with the bombs dropping,

little kids watching with eyes wide open,

unable to see their peer’s bodies being split apart

by the impact of war.

We watched as our parents cried,

occasional hushed conversations about someone’s …

a brother,

‘he was a lieutenant, just a shame’

they would say and shake their heads,

while the names kept scrolling across the screen.

I remember knowing then that people would die,

but they wouldn’t ever die near me

until you did.